SEO Strategist & Educator

Helping business owners get found on Google

by implementing an SEO strategy that feels both doable & aligned.

Think of me as an online business owner’s BFF. 

Not in a“hey bestieee” cheesy type of way, but in an “I got your back” & “I want YOU to win” type of way. 

Like a strategic mix of “hype girl & wing woman”, with a sprinkle of calming chamomille & dash of fiery hot sauce.

And my favorite way to help clients get their ideas & gifts INTO the world is by getting their business FOUND by the exact people that are *already* looking for it.

Enter in: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


SEO is Powerful AF…

It’s essentially making sure that your website can be searched out & found by your audience (by MORE phrases than just your “business name”).

Because the REAL JUICE comes when you’re being found as the solution to a problem BEFORE people KNOW that you’re the solution to the problem. (that’s targeted traffic, my friend).

And before we get too far into it, I know what you’re thinking “But SEO is so daunting…”

Myth Bust: SEO is not about perfection

(even tho that’s what agencies want to scare you into thinking).

It’s ACTUALLY more about infusing SEO-friendly habits into the things that you’re already doing and being strategic with how your website is set up.

Most of my clients get amazing results from implementing a solid SEO foundation on their website (not from writing a new blog post every week — another shitty SEO myth 😜)

All you need is a couple of perspective shifts layered in with a more solid foundation, to REALLY shake shit up & end up on page 1.

Ready to show up on google?


It’s strategic market research, content planning & business development all wrapped into one.
And it’s also how we find the gaps in the market that YOUR business can fill via search.

And as an SEO Strategist, these are my favorite ways to support people:


Strategy Intensive


Most Popular* This is for my people that are looking for support with creating a successful SEO strategy, including keyword research & content ideas. Think of this as a “done-with-you” option. Strategy & support to help you rank.


Virtual Workshop


Want to start diving into SEO, but don’t know where to focus? This “Getting Started with SEO” Workshop is the perfect starting point to help you prioritize & take action on what’s *most* important for SEO results.


Get the Roadmap


Want to learn the 6-step process for successful SEO, in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming? Download my FREE SEO Roadmap to & start getting your website on Google’s good side!

Want to see more results & testimonials from past clients?

(SEO results can depend on a number of different things, but me & my past clients have done some cool shit…)

Meet Mariah


Hi, I’m Mariah & I’m OBSESSED with the unlimited possibilities of the online space.

I believe that growing an online business gets to be approachable. It doesn’t need to be as complicated as we see everyone making it.

Our business gets to evolve as we evolve, and the journey to building the life we’ve craving gets to be supportive, experimental, AND FUN 🎉

How did I get here?

I jumped full steam into this world in 2015, as a young lil’ 22-year-old, freshly quitting both college & my full-time job in the same month, and haven’t looked back since…

Now, after focusing on SEO, as an organic SEO strategist, for the past 5+ years, and truly falling in love with it all, I’ve been able to help over 150+ clients get their websites found on Google by implementing a strategy that feels both doable AND aligned.

Enjoy Podcasts?

The Curiously Guided Podcast, for intentional business owners & entrepreneurs.

Co-hosts, Shay & Mariah, your go-to girls for rewriting the rules to success. We believe that by combining the outer work & the inner work, we can all create a life, business, and career that feels deeply fulfilling & wildly aligned.


Free Roadmap to Successful SEO

Learn my proven step-by-step process of improving your SEO & getting more website traffic from Google