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If you’re like most business owners/bloggers, your website is essential to the way you do business. It may even be the only way you do business. You need to stand out & I’m here to help. Websites are one of the most powerful tools a business can have. They have the ability to create trust & credibility. They enhance professionalism & establish relevance. They can grab more attention & help your business grow.

Hey, I'm Mariah!

I'm the designer, developer & creator behind Mariah Magazine Web Design Studio. I'm a one-woman show, filled with passion & curiosity about the world wide web. My love for art & design started when I was a tiny little thing. My mom would keep me quiet by tossing a paintbrush in my hand (thanks, mom). From there on out I would forever be a creator.

I work one-on-one with creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses & bloggers, but I also have a sweet spot for creative collaborations. The internet is a big complicated place and I'm here to help make your corner of the web as powerful as possible. I get to know your visions, goals, & business so I can help tackle your digital problems. Websites are not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. You need a strategic solution & I'm here to help :)

Are You a "I'd Rather Watch a Video" Type of Human?

I got your back, friend.

Each week I roll out a NEW YouTube video geared towards helping you improve your website with strategy, babyyyy. I want you to stop shooting in the dark and praying for results, and actually start using your website to get noticed online and grow your business. There are a TON of things that go into an online presence and successful website, and I'm here to un-complicate it....step by step, video by video.

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I Strategize, Prioritize & Digitize. 
It’s your vision, I’m here to make it fully functional.