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Hiya, I’m Mariah

your Online Business Best Friend & (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Expert

I help online business owners get found, hired, and paid using a foundational & practical SEO strategy.

Most people think that in order to get REAL SEO results, you need to do everything under the sun & make sure it’s all perfect, but that’s truly not the case…

SEO is NOT about perfection.

It’s about strategizing & prioritizing your FOUNDATIONS.

Doing this is exactly how I’ve helped 100+ clients with getting their websites & content on page #1 of Google. (in less than just 3 weeks, in some cases).

Not by regurgitating the same “best practices” that everyone else is doing, but by getting laser-focused on WHERE the gaps in the market are and supporting my clients in filling them.

Aside from helping clients, I’ve also been interviewed on over a dozen podcasts & taught 20+ workshops, all with the goal of supporting online business owners like YOU, to increase their website traffic from search engines, in a way that feels approachable.

What makes me different?

When you work with me, you work with me. I’m not an SEO agency. I don’t have a team of people that I hand things off to. I enjoy being in the trenches strategizing the best ways to get on page #1, creating a plan to get there, and empowering my clients (and sometimes their team) to keep the momentum going.

If you’re frustrated or overwhelmed with SEO, you’re not alone.

Google judges a website on over 200+ factors, and a LOT of them are often overlooked.

Regardless if you’ve worked with an SEO person in the past, tried to DIY it, or are *just* dipping your toes in, I’m here to help you create a sustainable, search-friendly SEO foundation.

Let’s uncomplicate the SEO process, and begin the journey to page #1, shall we?

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What’s My Story?

SEO Expert & Content Marketing Consultant

I jumped into the online world in 2015, after freshly quitting both college & my full-time job in the same month, and haven’t looked back since…

I started off as a website designer & developer until SEO dug its claws into me & never let me go. (Seriously, I hated it when I first started experimenting with it, until I allowed myself to take it apart & put it back together in a way that actually WORKS).

Now, after focusing on SEO, as an organic SEO consultant & educator, and truly falling in love with it all, I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients & students get their websites found on Google by implementing a strategy that feels both practical & actionable.

And along the way, I’ve picked up some tips that help this whole “growing a business” journey, be more effective. You can check out my latest tutorials, recommendations, and DIY tips on my YouTube channel here.

Don’t Forget The Podcast

Curiously Guided, The Podcast for InTENTIONAL Business Owners

Get to know me

Wanna get personal?

  • I’m a curious bitch. Like, for real. Life fascinates me. How things are so complex & multi-layered, yet also simple. I’m always the one asking questions & being curious; about life, people, ideas, business, and anything else that gives me the nudge to explore.
  • “Magazine” is not my *real* last name, unfortunately, 😉  it’s technically “Liszewski” – but that shit is too Polish for anyone to pronounce. Mariah Magazine was my MySpace name back when I was 14 & it’s a nickname that stuck like glue through High School. So when I was trying to think of a business name, “Mariah Magazine” was the obvious choice.
  • I’m from Buffalo, NY. When I’m not hanging out in cyberspace, I’m shoveling 8ft of snow. Just kidding, kind of. It depends on the season.
  • I started a micro-bakery selling sourdough bread & baked goods in Buffalo, NY with my boyfriend. He’s the baker, I’m the everything else lol — it’s really cool to see the difference between my 2 businesses.
  • I didn’t finish college, nor do I have a degree. I tried out college for 4 years. Bounced between 6 different majors & racked up enough credits for 2 people, but nothing correlated into a single degree. College taught me everything I didn’t wanna do and it actually pushed me right back to where I started, connecting with humans online.
  • Human Design: 1/3 Generator
    Astrology: Cancer Sun, Pieces Moon, Sagittarius Rising
  • I co-host a podcast for Intuitive Business Owners called Curiously Guided. We explore the intersection of entrepreneurship, spirituality, and the subconscious mind. If you’re vibin’ with what I got goin’ on, you’re gonna LOVE this shit.

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