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Hiya, I’m Mariah

SEO Strategist & Intuitive Digitial Marketing Expert for Entrepreneurs, creatives, and online business owners.

Since 2015 I’ve been helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility & income online as a designer, developer, strategist, and consultant.

My specialty is diving in to support you in building & growing your business in a way that’s sustainable, profitable, and uniquely aligned with how you want to show up.

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Wanna get personal?

  • Magazine is not my *real* last name, unfortunately, 😉  it’s technically “Liszewski” – but that shit is too Polish for anyone to pronounce. Mariah Magazine was my MySpace name back when I was 14 & it’s a nickname that stuck like glue through High School. So when I was trying to think of a business name, “Mariah Magazine” was the obvious choice.
  • I’m from Buffalo, NY. When I’m not hanging out in cyberspace, I’m shoveling 8ft of snow. Just kidding, kind of. It depends on the season.
  • I’m a self-published creator of the Intentional Expansion Affirmation Card Deck. A card deck specifically created for business owners & entrepreneurs.
  • I didn’t finish college, nor do I have a degree. I tried out college for 4 years. Bounced between 6 different majors & racked up enough credits for 2 people, but nothing correlated into a single degree. College taught me everything I didn’t wanna do and it actually pushed me right back to where I started, connecting with humans online.
  • Human Design: 1/3 Generator
    Astrology: Cancer Sun, Pieces Moon, Sagittarius Rising
  • I co-host a podcast for Intuitive Business Owners called Curiously Guided. We explore the intersection of entrepreneurship, spirituality, and the subconscious mind. If you’re vibin’ with what I got goin’ on, you’re gonna LOVE this shit.

What’s My Story?

Intuitive Digital Marketing Expert | SEO Strategist

Owning my own business hasn’t always been a walk in the park. Let me explain…

I’m an ex-perfectionist rebelling against the business “norms” and creating a business & lifestyle that supports the dreams, life, and adventures that I was placed on this earth to have..and that’s exactly what I help my clients with.

But this whole “owning a business” thing hasn’t always been a walk in the park. After just a few years in business, I hit a brick wall. I was so overwhelmed, I was ready to burn it all down to the ground.

I remember thinking, “THIS is what I signed up for?!?! I’m working more hours than when I worked for someone else, AND I have 100% more responsibility” — feeling drained, exhausted, and honestly fed up with being on the continuous hamster wheel that wasn’t producing the results I knew were possible.

I couldn’t figure out WTF the problem was. I was doing everything the “right way”. And to my surprise, that was exactly the issue. I was following everyone else’s “business rules” without giving any thought to creating my own.

Without quite knowing it at the time, this one-way ticket to burnout & burn-it-down city got me started down a path of healing, reflecting, and complete self (and business) transformation.

After working with coaches & getting support (and clarity), things shifted in the best way. From the outside, my business didn’t seem too different. But on the inside, it felt like night and day. I was connecting with soulmate clients, making more money by working a hell of a lot less, and feeling excited, inspired, and LIT UP by my business on a deeper level…in a way that I never knew was possible.

And through all of this, what I’ve learned is that YOU get to do this whole business thing any way you want to. No need to do #allthethings or get it all “right” — it’s about shifting perspectives, trusting yourself, and following the fun.

You already have the “secret sauce” to becoming wildly successful.

(Hint: It’s you. YOU’RE the magic behind your business)

Sometimes you just need the right kind of support to help you make sense of it all 😉

Don’t Forget The Podcast

Curiously Guided, The Podcast for Intuitive Business Owners

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