I'm Mariah,

– an SEO & website strategist that’s changing the way small business owners use their websites.


You have big dreams, and I know they’re possible.

The web world can be complicated, sanity-sucking, and downright frustrating AF. You’re done with the guessing games. You need an experienced web wiz to see what’s working on your site..and what’s not; to connect the dots, fill in the gaps, and create an action plan.

And together, we’ll do more than just “web stuff.”

We’ll formulate a strategy that works for YOUR specific business. We’ll create a journey for your website visitors; turning them into customers, clients, and raving fans.

Photo by Samantha Sherwood Photography
Photo by Samantha Sherwood Photography

Your website is no longer

“just a thing you need" for your business.

Nope. Not with me.
But I don’t just take my word for it…



What Kind of Solution Are You Looking For?




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Wait Mariah, What Makes You Different?


A lot of other web professionals + agencies suggest the same thing for every website. I create step-by-step game plans that fit specifically for each client. And I'll be honest, you probably don’t need a totally custom website, but you DO need a custom plan. And that's what I give you, a solution that fits YOUR unique business + goals, backed up with no-bullshit strategies.

When you work with me, you won't get "vague" or fluffy answers....I'll put it all out on the table and work with you to get the results you NEED from your website.

Who Do You Work With?


So that’s your website designers, virtual assistants, graphic designers, social media markers & strategists, photographers, copywriters, online course creators, infopreneurs, brand designers, digital marketers, bloggers, creatives, etc.
But HOW I work with you, can be totally different.

I offer Hire-Me solutions, which are more hands-off for you, and hands-on for me.
DIY solutions, which are hands-off for me, and hands-on for you.

And then I have special services for Website Designers.

"I found Mariah during a virtual summit and I've been a big fan ever since!!! Her posts are immensely helpful and get me thinking about website fixes and google tricks I hadn't heard of before. I have a separate to-do list to grow my business all from Mariah's tips! In addition to being wicked website savvy and smart, she is hilarious! It's refreshing to follow someone down-to-earth and who keeps it real...and actually engages with you on social media!”

- Bushra


bushra website testimonial

Wanna Get Personal?


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Group 8

#1. Mariah Liszewski is my real name, but that jumbled mixture of a last name is too Polish to pronounce. Mariah Magazine is a nickname that stuck with me ever since the good old days of MySpace.

#2. I’m from Buffalo, NY. When I’m not hanging out in cyberspace, I’m shoveling 8ft of snow. Just kidding, kind of. It depends on the season.

#3. In my spare time, I make stuff. I’ve been a creative arts junkie as long as I can remember; crafting this, sewing that & experimenting with DIY Pinterest tutorials.

#4. I love to cook & I hate to clean (can't win em' all, ya know?)

#5. Adventuring & traveling keep me sane. My bucket-list is constantly getting longer, regardless of how many things I cross off. I'm addicted to trying new things, seeing new places, and meeting new kinds of people.

#6. I have a tattoo of a Pineapple wearing sunglasses, and a Squirrel eating a donut...because why the hell not, right?

#7. I also have a YouTube Channel + I'm obsessed with my recently launched passion project Create it Collective -- if you're a local Buffalo, NY human, check it out!

#8. I didn't finish college, nor do I have a degree. I tried out college for 4 years. Bounced between 6 different majors & racked up enough credits to choke a horse, but nothing correlated into a single degree. College taught me everything I didn’t wanna do and it actually pushed me right back to where I started, website stuff.

"I had an audit done by Mariah, and it was done by video so that I could keep a copy and use it to make real changes on my website and SEO optimization. She gave me step by step things to do to improve my design and help people find me online. Her advice was critical to keeping me focused on where to spend the time. I worked on every step and I am already seeing results on Google and the engagement I am receiving. I couldn't be happier with the help and solid knowledge she supplied to me. The girl knows her stuff! Use her to help yourself grow!”

- Artsy Chow Roamer

Art, Food & Travel Blogger

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