[2024] Best Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template Shops to Help You Launch Your Website in Style

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After you decide to choose Squarespace as your website platform, you’ll notice that you get dozens of free templates to choose from for your website design, so why on earth would you want to fork over extra $$ to snag a premium third-party Squarespace template?

Well, first let’s break down the word “premium”; by definition, premium means, “a product of superior quality and therefore a higher price.”

Superior Quality.

The free templates that Squarespace gives all of its users access to aren’t BAD by any means, they’re just generic and meant to be applicable across a wide range of industries, niches, and markets.

And when your website design and layout is generic, you blend in. ((And it’s really hard to grow a thriving business when you’re blending in with everyone else))

Investing in a premium third-party Squarespace template could be THE make-or-break factor when it comes to converting website users into customers & clients.


Because premium Squarespace templates are typically created with a bit more strategy by website designers & developers. ((Not all premium Squarespace designers think about strategy first – so if this is important to you, make sure you choose accordingly. I listed some great options below!))

Those free Squarespace themes, they can work, but they ain’t created with strategy in mind.



5 Reasons to Choose a Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template:

  1. You’ll get an elevated website design WITHOUT having to know code or without the heavy price tag of hiring a custom website designer.
  2. Your website will stand out from the crowd (Every Squarespace user has access to these free templates. How many people do you think are gonna use the EXACT same template as you? A LOT.)
  3. They’re designed by professional website designers & agencies, which makes them more visually appealing straight out of the box
  4. Typically each premium template is created with a specific industry or niche in mind, making them more strategic than a generic option
  5. Most Squarespace template creators include links to video tutorials & resources making the customization process a total breeze
  6. A lot of the third-party creators offer email & template support in case there’s a tech glitch or an issue with your design. (Squarespace support is great, but combining that with graphic design support for your template? Unbeatable.)

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to have an eye-catching website without having to pay for a custom website design, premium third-party Squarespace templates are the answer.

How to Choose the Right Premium Squarespace Template?

As you’ll see below, there are quite a handful of options when it comes to choosing a premium third-party Squarespace website template, so choosing the right one can feel a bit daunting.

So to help break this process down, let’s chunk it into TWO STEPS.

Step #1: Check out the overall style of the template shop/company itself.

Typically Squarespace template shops have a style in common; some are more bold, some are more muted. Some are more design-heavy, some are more minimal. 

What STYLE do you like? What are you most drawn to? 

If you like the overall style of THAT specific website shop, move on to STEP 2 BELOW. 

If you don’t vibe with the shop’s design style overall, choose another shop on the list.

Step #2: Get template specific.

Now that you have a Squarespace shop that you generally like, it’s time to look at the specific templates.

When you’re trying to narrow it down, make your decision based on the TEMPLATE LAYOUT, not on colors or fonts.

Colors and fonts are pretty easy to swap out on Squarespace.

Reconfiguring every single layout on all your pages though? That’s a pain in the ass.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the premium third-party Squarespace template shops…

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6 Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template Shops:

Each Squarespace template shop on the list has raving reviews and has been in business for at least 3+ years so they have some experience under their belts (which I think is always important to consider when choosing).

Each shop has its own process for template delivery and setup. Some are fully installed into your Squarespace account within 24-48 hours, while others give you more of a “template kit” and walk you through the building process of how to put it all together yourself. 

#1. GoLive

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - GoLive
Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - GoLive 2

I’m a HUGE fan of GoLive & their Squarespace templates. Their designs are proprietary and crafted by their team of professionally trained designers. Not only are their designs modern, clean, and strategic, but their support team and the people behind the brand are amazing.

GoLive’s Squarespace templates are no-coding required and are installed for you & delivered within 24 hours of purchase. You’ll also get access to step-by-step video tutorials & comprehensive resources to make the customization process as easy as possible. And if you have questions about your website or template, their team is there to support you along the way!

Best for: service providers, coaches, thought leaders, authors, influencers, and content creators.

If you don’t want to customize a template yourself, or if you’re looking for a completely custom Squarespace website design, GoLive has your back. Aside from their template shop they also offer a Template Restyle service, as well as custom web design where they’ll build your site fresh from the ground up.

GoLive’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced at $299.

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#2. 23&9 Creative

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - 23&9 Creative

23&9 Creative’s premium Squarespace templates are pretty awesome, especially for creatives. I LOVE the big bold colors and the intricate design details in a lot of their templates. 

These Squarespace templates are installed for you and delivered within 48 hours. Along with your template, you’ll also get access to their signature course that helps you dive into Squarespace, Canva, and other step-by-step videos to support you on your website & branding journey!

Best for: creatives, service providers, bloggers, and fitness professionals.

If you love the foundations of their templates, but don’t want to customize one to fit your brand & business yourself, 23&9 Creative also offers The Template Remix; a done-for-you template customization service that takes all of the setup & design off your hands!

23&9 Creative’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced from $129 – $199.

#3. Big Cat Creative

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - Big Cat Creative

Big Cat Creative offers no-code Squarespace templates that are ready to customize after they’re installed within 48-hours of purchase. 

My favorite part about Big Cat Creative’s template shop is that they really value teaching you everything you need to know to build and maintain your site. It’s not just a purchase & forget ya type of relationship, ya know?

Each website template purchase also includes access to some killer resources, like a branding guide and website copy workbook, making the whole “launching your website” thing a hell of a lot easier to manage.

Best for: creatives, service providers, coaches, and bloggers.

They also offer sales page templates & social media templates if you want to snag all of your design resources in one place.

Big Cat Creative’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced at $197.

#4. Station Seven

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - Station Seven

Station Seven offers a more minimal, yet modern collection of no-code Squarespace templates designed for flexibility and a quick & easy setup.

They have both website templates and social media design kits that match each other, which makes keeping your brand “on-brand” pretty simple. 

When you purchase a template, they do all the heavy lifting by installing your kit, then emailing you access within 24 hours or less. And then like most other premium third-party template shops, they offer video tutorials and friendly helpful support!

Best For: creatives, freelancers, personal brands, and service providers

Station Seven’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced from $149 – $199.

#5. Applet Studio

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - Applet Studio

Applet Studio has a wide variety of templates and styles to choose from. They even offer a template bundle if you can’t decide which one to go with 😉

I love how they split their templates into 4 categories; blogging, corporate, ecommerce, and creative, so it simplifies your options a bit, depending on your industry & niche. 

After purchase, within 24-48 hours, your new Squarespace template will be installed on a new or your existing Squarespace account. And then you’ll get access to video tutorials, their signature Squarespace Mastery course, Canva templates, CSS documentation, and support to help you tweak the template to match your brand & business.

Applet Studio’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced from $149 – $189.

Best For: digital marketers, creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small e-commerce shops.

#6. Red Met Yellow

Premium Third-Party Squarespace Templates - Red Met Yellow

Red Met Yellow’s Squarespace website templates seem to be very image & photo focused, which from my opinion makes them especially great for photographers and bloggers. 

They were one of the first shops that offered premium Squarespace templates, and now they also offer branding and marketing templates too!  

Each Squarespace template comes with a matching logo template and a curated color palette which is pretty convenient if you’re just starting your business. After purchase, your Squarespace website template will be set up within 3-5 business days. And if you’re craving more customization, they offer custom packages.

Best For: photographers, bloggers, and content creators.

Red Met Yellow’s Premium Squarespace templates are typically priced at $275.

BONUS: If you’re a designer that needs access to more than one Squarespace template for client projects, check out Ghost.

Ghost is pretty well known in the Squarespace world for their Squarespace plugins, but they also have premium templates.

And the cool thing is that they offer membership access to their template library for designers, with plans starting at just $99/month for 3 templates per month.

They have 3 different template styles; paper templates, ghost templates, and classic templates.

Learn more about their templates & membership

And then when it comes to Squarespace plugins, they have quite the library featuring 500+ free options and a TON of paid options.


At the end of the day, there are a TON of premium third-party Squarespace templates to choose from. If you’re getting overwhelmed with options, kick it back to the basics and try to focus on one thing; what’s the GOAL of your website?

And choose a template that will get you closer to hitting that goal.

And if you need help with SEO after you launch your website, check out my Squarespace SEO Expert services here!


[2024] Best Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template Shops to Help You Launch Your Website in Style[2024] Best Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template Shops to Help You Launch Your Website in Style[2024] Best Premium Third-Party Squarespace Template Shops to Help You Launch Your Website in Style

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