How to Block Yourself from Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is super beneficial because of all of the data & info that it gives you about your visitors.

BUT, if you don’t identify & filter yourself out of your Google Analytics then every time you visit your own website you could potentially be skewing and messing up some of the data.

The best way to avoid this is to filter yourself out of the reports by your IP address.

How To Identify & Block Yourself from Google Analytics:

The best way to avoid this is to block yourself from Google Analytics data by using your IP address.

(Please note: If you view your website on your mobile phone using a different IP address, this will not work. As of now, there isn’t a sure-fire way to filter yourself out when using mobile because there’s nothing that can help distinguish you from other users on that IP address)

Step 1: Figure Out Your IP Address:

In order to filter out your IP address, you need to know WHAT your IP address is.

What’s the best way to do this?

Google it.

Literally type in “What’s my IP address?” into Google & bam it will automatically pull your public IP address.

Super cool right?

Step 2: Create Filter In Google Analytics:

  • Assuming that your still logged into your Google Analytics account (If you’rere not, go back to Google Analytics and log in)
  • Click on the “Admin” Tab in the side menu bar.
  • In the far left column, make sure that your correct “Account” is chosen (This will only change if you manage more than one Analytics account)
  • Click on “All Filters
  • Click the “+ Add Filter” button
  • Create a Filter Name — I just put “Home IP Address
  • Keep the Filter Type as “Predefined
  • For Select a Filer Type, choose “Exclude
  • For Select Source or Destination, choose “Traffic from the IP Addresses
  • For Select Expression, choose “That Are Equal To
  • Paste your IP address (from the previous Google Search) into that box below.
  • Under the “Apply Filter to Views”  Select your Account that we created and hit the “Add>>” button. Your account name should switch from the left hand “Available Views” box, to the right hand “Selected Views” box.
  • Click the blue “Save” button in the bottom corner! Bam baby, now you’re filtered!

Step 3: Kick Back and Know Your Data is Legit 😉

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How to Block Yourself from Google Analytics DataHow to Block Yourself from Google Analytics Data

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