The REAL Reason Why Your Blog is Not Converting

What’s the real reason why your blog posts aren’t converting like you want them to?

Writing blog posts takes a TON of time.

You have to come up with the idea, plan it out, research it, write it, edit it, format it….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You put SO much energy into your blog and writing new posts, but they aren’t converting.

You have people READING your content…but they’re not taking action.

They’re not signing up for your email list..they’re not even sticking around on your website long enough to learn about what you do and why you do it.

It’s so frustrating. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!

That’s what I’m going to fill you in on today: the REAL reason why your blog posts aren’t converting.

So I’m sure you’ve heard the typical reasons:

  • Your website design is lacking
  • Something is too distracting
  • Your call-to-action button doesn’t stand out enough

and all of those are 100% valid. They can DEFINITELY be part of the reason why….but what if they’re not?

What if you have a good website design that is branded and pleasing to the eye.

What if you have call to action buttons throughout your website in all the right spots.

What if traffic isn’t really an issue…it’s really just CONVERTING that’s the problem.

Then what?

There’s got to be SOME reason why these website visitors aren’t connecting with you and your content enough to convert.

There is.

And it has nothing to do with your actual website itself.

It has nothing to do with any techy related things.

(all though these DO play a part)

If you’ve read numerous posts about getting your content to convert, but STILL can’t figure out WHY.

I’ll tell you.

You’re not understanding your audience ← that’s why they’re not converting.

“Seriously Mariah….that’s your big reason?”


I’m not talking about knowing what your ideal audience eats for breakfast, or where she buys her shoes. That isn’t going to help you…unless your selling her breakfast solutions or shoes.

In order to get your visitors to take ACTION on your website, you have to be the solution they need.

The solution right now. Not the solution last week, or the solution in 8 weeks.


Let me explain.

People read content online for 3 main reasons:

  • To get informed
  • To solve a problem
  • To be entertained

In order to do ANY of those things, you have to know who you’re talking to.

You have to KNOW who’s reading your content in order to solve their right now problem, inform them, or entertain them.

If you don’t know your audience, they’ll skim your content and bounce.

They won’t convert.

They won’t collect $200 and pass go.

They’ll leave.

Example time:

If you’re writing a blog post like “How to start a garden.” but your readers are actually more advanced than that and they already have a garden but are looking for info on how to improve their garden….your blog post will miss the mark.

You have to take not only WHO your audience is into account, but also WHERE they are in their process.

So say this Professional Gardener is creating blog posts to help drive traffic to her website. She’s looking to grow her brand, show off her expertise, and have people hire her for Gardening Consulting (is that a thing? I hope so bc it sounds amazing).

But this Professional Gardener is only publishing DIY style content.

Now….that’s not a bad approach in terms of driving traffic.

DIY articles, especially on Pinterest do extremely well. BUT the main goal for this Gardener is to have people HIRE her.

And she’s not cheap for hire. She knows her shit.

So her DIY style posts are going to attract readers that are looking for free solutions. They’re not going to attract the people that NEED what she’s offering.

If she wrote a post like “3 Steps to Take to Figure Out Why Your Geranium isn’t Sprouting” — THAT would be more effective.

Of course, it’s not going to drive as much traffic because it’s insanely specific, but the people that it DOES attract, are more likely to convert because her blog posts help solve their problem AND showcases her insane knowledge on the topic.

So take a step back and look at your blog posts that aren’t converting.

Are you solving your audiences problem?

Do you KNOW their problem?

Sometimes what we think is their problem….totally isn’t the problem THEY think they have.

And that….creates a barrier.

If they don’t think your solution is the solution they need, they won’t take it…even when we KNOW it’s what they need.

For example:
(warning…if you don’t have WordPress and don’t use Yoast, this might sound like gibberish….but bear with me).

I could talk ALL day about how you need to set up your website SEO correctly.

But if you’re using Yoast on WordPress, you probably think you’re already doing the basics correctly….so you don’t think you have the problem I’m addressing.

But really what I’m referring to is actually MORE than Yoast. I’m talking sitemaps, backlinks, content strategy, user experience, etc. These are the REAL problems you have, not putting the wrong keyword in your Contact page.

But you may be unaware of that.

And if you’re unaware of the problem that I’m addressing, it’s my job to put it in terms and use content to help you REALIZE the problem.

Does that make sense?

There’s a saying in business: “sell them what they want, give them what they need.”

And this ALLL goes back to KNOWING your reader.

What problems are your readers having?

What problems do THEY think they’re having?

How can you bridge the gap and become the solution?

If your blog posts aren’t converting, it’s not because the internet doesn’t work, it’s because your content isn’t connecting with them.

And the only way to solve this problem is to really dive in and get to know the people that are visiting your blog, and compare them to the people you WANT to visit your blog.

Are these the same people?

If they’re not…you have to figure out WHERE the gap is so you can stop wasting time creating content that doesn’t actually get you the results you want...and need.

The REAL Reason Why Your Blog is Not Converting

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