Magnetic Collaborations Accelerator Waitlist

What’s the easiest, fastest, and most FUN way to grow your online business? COLLABORATIONS 🎉

Magnetic Collaborations = the missing piece in your current marketing plan.

Collaborations have been THE “secret” ingredient to getting my ideal audience to come to ME vs. me having to go out and “find” or “search” for clients.

Like for real, I’ve gotten tons of soulmate clients and endless opportunities from collaborations over the past 6+ years. Even years after a collab ends, opportunities STILL arise. But I’ve heard over and over from friends & clients that collaborations can be intimidating to dive into…

If you’re a service provider, coach, or consultant, and you want to harness the power of online collaborations to accelerate your business growth, you’re in the right place. I’ve tried & tested out just about every.single.type of business collaboration. I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and the important AF details of everything in between to make them powerful, potent, and truly MAGNETIC, so NOW I’m putting the entire process into a 6-week live group program.

If you can relate to ANY of these:

  • You can’t seem to find the missing piece as to WHY your business growth feels so. damn. slow
  • You feel like you’re doing it alone
  • You feel like you gotta grind it out on social media in order to be seen
  • You see other people being guests on podcasts, being highlighted as a guest expert, landing aligned opportunities, getting in front of other people’s audience, and you’re like, damnnnn, I want that!
  • You’ve collaborated with people in the past but you want to know how to do them in a way that feels more aligned, authentic, and powerful.
  • You used to love networking in person, but after the past 2 years, you’re like…wtf now what?

Then OOOOOOH CHIIIIIILD, this group program is THE thing for you!

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