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Whether your website is for your online business, your physical business, an ecommerce shop,
a landing page, or a blog, the whole point of it is to get people ON it, right?

And then once they're on your website, you want to get them to convert.

Converting means:

  • signing up for your email list
  • contacting you about a service
  • purchasing a product
  • filling out a form
  • booking a discovery call

The list goes on, and on.
(Basically, it's getting your visitors to take action)

But how the heck do you do all that?
You have a website...but you're not quite sure how to actually start taking advantage of it.

There's a whole other "life" to a website after you launch it
...regardless if you worked with a professional on it, or created that bad boy yourself.

After the big hyped up launch, the buzz starts to die down, and this big exciting business milestone has now become more overwhelming than anything.

You thought once you created a website, things would be SO much easier, right? And now you're left here; frustrated, confused, and listening to the good old crickets chirping while frantically searching Google for answers, thinking...

"well, wtf, now what do I do?"


If you've ever starred at your website and wondered:


You're not alone.

The Work the Web Online Biz Community is for Website Owners to help you figure out wtf to do next.

(Don't worry, the community is about getting MORE from your website + your online presence, but we don't use crazy tech-talk....we're more likely to use sarcasm)

Whether you're new to the world of websites, or you've been kickin' it online for a while, we welcome you!

This community is a place to ask questions, learn proven strategies/tools/resources, get feedback from me + other members, collaborate, share ideas, and generally find some like-minded humans to connect and grow with.

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