How to Simplify Your Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics can be overwhelming.

There’s no way around that.

Don’t have Google Analytics setup on your website yet?

It’s an insanely powerful data tool that tracks a creepy amount of info about your website visitors.

It’s a MUST HAVE on your website….especially if you’re looking to grow your business online.

What if I told you I had a super simple way to help make your Google Analytics LESS overwhelming?

….because I do.

Now, there’s no magic spell I can cast on you to help you understand all of the data, but what I can do is show you how to focus your eyeballs on information that’s the most valuable, and the least complicated.

The bottom line is that it’s better to focus on a couple of good pieces of information than NOT looking at your data at all because it makes you want to pull your hair out.

Because this analytics bologna, is an essential piece of the puzzle if you want to better understand your audience, and increase traffic to your website (and like, who doesn’t wanna do that?)

Ready for the piece of the puzzle that you’ve been missing?

Google Analytics Dashboards

Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics give you an overview of how your website is doing in specific areas.

It’s basically a summary of all the techy stuff you don’t want to sift through.

The awesome thing is, you can create custom dashboards yourself OR add a custom dashboard made and shared by someone else (this is where I come in).

Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you put together a custom dashboard by yourself…I’m going to make it even easier, ya know, less overwhelming.

Like….one click of a button, easier.

Watch this quick tutorial that walks you through the quick setup and gives you a rundown of the information you’re going to see!

  • Unique visitors (+unique visitors from SEO and social media)
  • How people find your website: organic, referral, direct
  • Your top keywords
  • Most viewed pages
  • Which social networks are sending the most traffic
  • Referral websites (excludes major websites like social media networks)

What’s even cooler than adding a Dashboard with a click of a button?

That fact that you can add more than one.

Bam. Amazing, right?

Dashboards can be an awesome way of providing a nice visual representation of how things are going.

You can have multiple dashboards for different areas also (like an SEO dashboard, a social dashboard, a general dashboard – like I linked to above, etc.).

So, when you log into Google Analytics, it may be the first and only place you need to go.

Tip:  For widgets that say “non-branded,” edit the filter to include your own website name

Other Dashboards to Download if you feel called to (Not necessary):

Do you have a custom dashboard set up on your Google Analytics account?

If not, what the heck are ya waitin’ for…

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How to Simplify Your Google Analytics Dashboard

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