A Human Design Business reading could be the key to better marketing & a more sustainable (and successful) business.

Human Design Business Reading

Let’s Explore Your Human Design Chart, Through the Lens of Business.

Are you ready to get YOUR unique roadmap to business?
Investment = $250

Getting a Human Design Business Reading is like getting the “secret” roadmap you never knew you needed

A business roadmap that’s backed by a business strategy that’s 100% unique to you.

I’ve been using Human Design to help guide my own personal business for 2+ years as well as with my business/marketing coaching clients for over a year now. And we’re ALL loving it. There are so many “ah-ha’s” packed into our personal Human Design charts that are especially helpful for business & marketing.

And TBH, I can’t stop telling clients, colleagues, & podcast listeners about how much I love Human Design for business…

(I’m legit obsessed lol)

Which is why I’m opening the door to offering 1-on-1 Human Design Business Readings!

Because from my experience, when you understand how Human Design works, and start exploring your chart, you’ll begin to see how it correlates so beautifully with your business. And that’s when things really start to click into place (in the best way!)

What I’ve learned in these 7+ years of owning my own business is that the key to having a successful business isn’t to run & grow your business like everybody/anyone else, it’s to grow your business LIKE YOU.

That’s the “magic sauce” – that’s the “key” that you feel is missing;

And that’s what these Human Design Business Readings help with!

Thank you SO MUCH for this! I feel like we really honed in on MY zone of genius. The ideas that came through when going through everything just make sense. Like I not only have clarity around how to show up in a way that actually feels aligned, but I have so many more ideas for things that I never even considered doing for my business, which feels extremely helpful bc it’s exactly where I was stuck.

– Caili

Hi, I’m Mariah; And Human Design + Marketing is basically my love language.

🔥🎉 1/3 Sacral Generator here!

My zone of genius is being able to break down complex things into stories & relatable chunks of information so that they resonate on a level that’s undeniable for you.

(aka “ah-ha” moments galore in the realm of marketing & HD…)

I’m good at seeing the info/strategy, feeling the energetics, and then communicating HOW to integrate them both together, in a way that makes sense for YOU.

Sidenote: That’s why I’m also obsessed with SEO. It’s similar to Human Design. Both are complex & multi-layered, but that’s what makes them so damn powerful.

Ready to Book Your Human Design Business Reading?

Investment = $250

What is a Human Design Business Reading?

It’s a 60min one-on-one call with me as we dive into your Human Design Chart, through the lens of business & marketing.

You’ll also get access to the session’s recording; both video and audio, to come back to later.
Along with links to any resources that I recommend exploring after our session.

What areas of the human design chart will we look at?

Every reading tends to be a bit different because it depends on how much you know about Human Design to begin with, what questions you have, and where I’m feeling intuitively pulled to. Typically I’ll chat about your type, profile lines, strategy, and arrows first.

After that, we might dive into centers and gates/channels + accompanying Gene Keys.

Human Design is COMPLEX & layered ya’ll. There is NO way to dive into each & every part of your chart in one reading. And honestly, even if we did, it wouldn’t do you any favors. I truly believe that the more you sit with certain pieces, the more you experiment, and the more you contemplate, the more ah-ha moments you have.

My Human Design approach is NOT focused on helping you accumulate knowledge just for the sake of doing so.

If you want to LEARN about Human Design & your chart, there are SO many great resources for that; Google them!

I believe the true magic behind Human Design comes when you INTEGRATE certain pieces, which is exactly what I help with.

Which pieces? We’ll figure that out as we dive into the Human Design Business Reading together 🙂

“Wow. This session was SUPER validating. I know what I have to do moving forward, I know the next step. And now I even know WHERE the resistance is coming from. I got such great information to explore and sit with. Thank you!

– Kristen

What Can the Human Design for Business Reading Help With?

Honestly, so many things lol 

The biggest shift that my clients tend to have after this session is clarity around WHICH MARKETING STRATEGIES to explore…

(Which ones will likely work & feel easiest for them, and which ones will likely be more stressful, overwhelming, or sticky)

During this Human Design for Business Reading, we can explore:

  • Which marketing strategies will work extremely well for you
  • Your marketing archetype & what your specific superpowers are (including what people come to you for!)
  • How to schedule your day & make better decisions in business
  • How to start noticing when things are aligned vs. unaligned
  • Your brand identity & what tone/voice to use in your copywriting
  • How to tweak/adjust suggestions from courses & coaches to better fit YOU
  • Your biggest energetic roadblocks & shadows that can derail you & your business success
  • And honestly so much more!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, exhausted, or just kinda foggy about your business; book a Human Design for Business reading with me…

We’ll dive into the weeds, pull out the pieces, and string together a UNIQUE approach to business that will feel motivating, aligned, and actually DO-ABLE. ((Notice I’m not saying “easy”, because sometimes shifting from unalignment to alignment ain’t easy, but it’s damn well worth it.))

Investment = $250

After the Human Design Business reading with Mariah, I’m feeling so inspired!! I’m excited to experiment with how to structure my marketing and messaging in a way that feels good and really authentic. I feel like I’m sure clear about how to share my wisdom and my message within my marketing and now I have so much more clarity around what kind of posts are the most powerful & helpful for the people that I attract. Thanks so much, Mariah!!!

– Natashia

Human Design Business Reading FAQ:

Q: I’m looking for a done-for-me marketing/business strategy. Will this work?

👉 The whole point of Human Design is that it shines the light on the fact that one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. This session will shine the light on certain parts of your business (and self) where YOUR unique magic can be found, allowing us to create an authentic game plan for YOU. 

This is not a marketing strategy session where you’ll walk away with a 7-step framework to grow your business to 6-figures, or whatever the cool marketing slogan is at the moment.

This is a self-exploration, collaborative, “mixing strategy with energetics” type of business & marketing session.

Q: Are you certified in Human Design?

👉 Nope. But, I’m a ⅓ Generator so if this shit didn’t light me up or I didn’t feel well-researched and safe enough to start offering readings, BELIEVE ME, I wouldn’t. (I even had to have 3 Projector friends reassure me that yes, Mariah, you know ENOUGH lolol)

I’ve been studying Human Design for 3+ years now, and I might get certified and I might not.

From my research (lol) it seems that a lot of Human Design certification programs are created to help the business owner scale a business because there’s a lot of money in certifying people vs. doing readings. Not saying that’s the case with everyone, but I’ve been testing and tweaking enough with it to know that the perspective I offer my clients is wildly valuable & helpful. (like lightbulb moments left & right, ya’ll)

And also, follow your strategy. Trust your gut about me. 
Vibe with me? Cool, let’s do it.
Don’t? Also cool. There are so many other great Human Design people out there that you can work with!

Q: Do you pull a separate chart for the business?

👉 No, because I like to keep things simplified.

I believe that our business is an extension of us. Once we learn about how WE are meant to operate, then I think adding a Human Design Chart for your business specifically can be helpful, but it’s never been needed for either me or my clients.

Human Design has changed the business game for me, WITHOUT creating a separate chart for it. There’s magic in coming back to YOU & your energy, first & foremost.

Q: Do you only do readings for a certain Human Design type?

👉 Most of the people I tend to attract are Generator types, including Manifesting Generators. The second most popular type that I connect with is Projectors. I’ve done a few sessions with Manifestors and one with a Reflector. I’m down to connect with any type, especially since a lot of my obsession & intuitive nudges are to the other Human Design nuances BESIDES “just” your type.

Q: Will getting a Human Design Business Reading solve all of my business problems?

👉 lol, I know none of ya’ll are really asking this, but it’s important to read this answer. Human Design is a FILTER to look at your business through. It’s a starting point. It’s a place to begin your testing & tweaking. It WILL NOT replace putting in the work to grow a business. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not the holy grail holding all of the answers to business & life itself.

I believe that we came here on this planet to learn and grow. Human Design is a tool to help us come back to ourselves, in whatever way that means.

If we could figure out the complexities of being human with Human Design, then what would be the point of being human? We came for the experience. And that’s why I love Human Design, because it puts emphasis on experimenting.

Learn, integrate, self-reflect, grow. There are no shortcuts to life, just a continuous journey of coming back to ourselves.

Ready to Book Your Human Design Business Reading?

Investment = $250