The Ultimate Resource List to Help Business Owners During Isolation

There are so many different emotions floating around the world right now.

And all of them, are totally okay.

Sadness, overwhelm, grief, motivation, creativity, inspiration, stress, love, support, confusion, focused, unfocused, etc.
Maybe you’re having a combination of a bunch of them, I know I am.

But I wanted to put this together this “Ultimate Resource List to Help Business Owners During Isolation” because regardless of what we’re feeling & dealing with, we could all use some kind of support.

Helping You Focus on Yourself & Your Health:

Trying to keep your body, mind, and soul, as balanced as possible during the time of isolation? These links, resources, and ideas got you covered.


Yoga & Workouts:

Also, check-in with your local workout & yoga studios on Instagram & Facebook. A lot of them are hosting virtual classes!

If you’re from Buffalo, NY here are a few to check out:

DIY Classes & Creativity:

Also, check-in with your local creative studios on Instagram & Facebook. A lot of them are hosting virtual classes or offering at-home art supplies & kits.

If you’re from Buffalo, NY here are a few to check out:

Other ideas to help you focus on yourself & your health during isolation:

  • Do that clean eating or juice cleanse you’ve been meaning to try
  • Deep clean your home — some people find this relaxing 😉
  • Read or listen to a new book (check out GoodReads for recommendations based on your fav genre)
  • Write letters or handwritten notes to your loved ones, neighbors, or favorite small businesses.
  • At-home spa day — bubble baths, face masks, and manicures, ayyeee!
  • Stretch your body — you don’t have to do a whole yoga class, stretching is beneficial even if it’s only for 5 minutes!
  • Go for a walk outside — sunshine helps the body feel goooood
  • Snuggle with your pets — unless it’s a fish
  • Meditate…this is the thing keeping me sane right now <3
  • Take a few deep breaths and think of something you’re grateful for
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Get creative — whip out the old paints, crayons, and markers
  • Start outlining that book you’ve been putting on the backburner
  • FaceTime a loved one that makes you smile
  • DANCE, DANCE, DANCE — put on an upbeat playlist and dance your heart out, in your kitchen, with no pants on, whatever you want!
  • Learn a new skill like painting, writing, doing a backend, cooking, or speaking Spanish

Helping You Focus on Your Kids & Family:

Homeschooling your kids & looking for ways to keep them busy during this time of isolation? Check out these resources & ideas!

Homeschooling & Working

Other ideas to help you focus on your kids & family during isolation:

  • Go for a walk or play outside if you have a secluded backyard
  • Take advantage of online DIY & creative classes (links listed in the above section)
  • Get the kids involved in learning other things besides school work (how to cook, how to check the oil on the car, how to tie their shoes, how to sew a button, how to do laundry, etc)
  • Read books together
  • Play card games, board games, and every other game that’s been sitting in the closet collecting dust
  • Color, paint and take silly photographs
  • Play dress up or have a fashion show
  • Cook and bake together
  • Snuggle on the couch and have a movie marathon
  • Order take out from your family’s favorite local restaurants
  • Do some MadLibs & cry laughing….because that’s what happens to me lolol
  • Try some DIY Pinterest tutorials
  • Go through everyone’s closets and decide what things you can donate or give away
  • Make slime together…your kids might even be a pro at it already!
  • Video chat or FaceTime a loved one
  • Do puzzles & word searches
  • Write handwritten letters and notes to your loved ones, neighbors, and favorite local businesses

Helping You Focus on “Behind the Scenes” Business Tasks:

Want to focus on your business during this time of isolation? I’m with you! Check out these links, resources, and ideas to keep the ball rollin’

Paid Courses:

Free Masterclasses:

Other ideas to help you focus on your business during isolation:

  • Revamp and update your online course material
  • Test out a new free trial for potential software you were looking into (I’m taking the time to test out Kajabi!)
  • Look at other people’s Facebook Ads and brainstorm ideas for your business
  • Organize your business systems (onboarding process, Trello board, Asana Workflows)
  • Start the process of finding and hiring that VA you’ve been wanting
  • Create social media templates
  • Work on organizing your finances or prioritizing your budget
  • CONNECT WITH HUMANS over a coffee chat — We’re all craving a little human interaction right now. So slide into someone’s Instagram DMs that you’ve been meaning to connect with.
  • Start a virtual co-working session with your biz besties (or find one to join! I’ve seen a ton pop up the past few days on Instagram)
  • Update your details and/or promo materials for your Client Referral Circle or Affiliate Program
  • Plan a free/paid Workshop, Webinar, Masterclass and create all of the promotional graphics and copy that go along with it
  • Create and/or finish that freebie optin, course, ebook, template or other digital product that you’ve been putting on the backburner
  • Update your website content, pages, and photos
  • Update your old, but still relevant blog posts and repurpose them into social media posts and/or YouTube videos/Podcast episodes.
  • Make a list for who you want to pitch yourself to whether it’s pitching to be a guest expert, on a podcast, guest post, etc
  • Create budget-friendly offers based on that things that you already have
  • Revamp your email sequence and your sales funnels (or start one if you don’t have one at all yet)
  • CONNECT WITH HUMANS…did I already mention something like that? That’s okay. It’s important. Do it twice 😉
  • Plan out your content for the rest of the quarter, or year, if you’re feelin’ extra motivated…and then break that content into social media posts so you have it all out of the way.
  • Test out new Pinterest graphics for your blog posts (some visuals do better than others)
  • Optimize your Pinterest profile
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Optimize literally everything and everything lolol
  • Do a website audit
  • Batch record YouTube videos and Podcast episodes

Take what you need from this resource & ideas list, and leave what you don’t.

Can’t focus on work right now? That’s perfectly okay.
Feeling inspired and motivated? That’s perfectly okay.
Want to spend this time with your kids? Hell yes!
Want to spend this time reading? Hell yes!
Want to spend this time connecting & creating? Hell yes!

Take what you need to feel supported, that’s the purpose of this.

And if you want to connect, I’d love to support you in any way I can.

The Ultimate Resource List to Help Business Owners During Isolation

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