Intentional Networking for Online business owners

I think it’s time we revolutionize what it means to “network” as a business owner…

Intentional Marketing Meet-Up for Online Business Owners

A lot of traditional business networking events & groups can feel really transactional.

And that zaps the magic right out of the interactions, making them feel flat & uninspiring. Because the REAL power of networking is from building genuine connections & relationships.

And that shit can’t be forced.

So if you’re excited to connect with other business owners in a way that feels expansive, supportive, and intentional, join us at our next virtual networking meet-up.

Who is "Intentional Networking" for?

Established business owners, leaders, podcasters, experts, coaches, consultants, and service providers that are open to supporting and/or collaborating with others.

How is this different?

Most networking events jump right into introductions & conversations, but if you’re squeezing the session into your schedule between client projects, calls, and other obligations, then it can feel a bit frazzled.

We’ll be beginning the networking session with a few minutes of self-reflection so you can connect with yourself, organize your thoughts, & get clear about how you’d like to be supported, who you’re looking to connect with, and how you can support someone else.

This isn't your typical "Business Networking" Meet-Up...

What are the details for the next MEEt-UP?

👉 WHEN: Wednesday, August 21st, 2024 @ 1pm-2:30pm EST // 12pm-1:30pm CST
👉 WHERE: On Zoom (link will be provided via email)
👉 BRING: Make sure to have something handy for you to journal/reflect with; Google doc, journal/pen, notes app on your phone, etc.

[Note: If you’re looking for a place to solely pitch yourself to get clients or leads, this is not the networking group for you. There are plenty of other networking groups that provide a space for that, but I’m focused on something different; something deeper. Genuine support & connection. Clients & leads can follow, but that’s not the sole purpose of this group. Thank you for understanding!]

If you’re ready to do networking differently, pop your name & email into the boxes below to sign up for the next free meet up!

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I’m excited to revolutionize networking with you  ⚡️