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Let’s Get Your Business On Google’s Page #1

As an organic SEO consultant, I support businesses both big & small, by creating custom organic SEO & content marketing strategies that work for YOU.

Google judges a website on over 200+ factors. I help you prioritize the ones that matter most.

Most SEO consultants are part of bigger SEO agencies that prefer to do everything in-house; copy & content creation, marketing, PR, website design, etc. Because they make more $$ that way.
But That’s not how I work.

As an independent organic SEO consultant, I come in & create a process for SEO that utilizes the resources that you ALREADY have, regardless of where you’re starting, and how many people are on your team.

I support businesses of all sizes; from solopreneurs to mid-sized businesses with in-house marketing support & the entrepreneurs in between.

Because it’s possible to get SEO results by harnessing what you already have by infusing SEO-friendly practices into the things that you (or your team) are already doing.

You just need someone to give you the game plan & help you PRIORITIZE it all.

Hi, I’m Mariah; An Organic SEO Consultant helping businesses show up in Google search results.

Most people think that in order to get REAL SEO results, you need to do everything under the sun & make sure it’s all perfect, but that’s truly not the case…

It’s not about perfection, it’s about strategizing & prioritizing your FOUNDATIONS, and then building on that momentum.

This is exactly how I’ve helped 100+ clients with getting their websites & content on page #1 of Google. (in less than just 3 weeks, in some cases).

Hiring an Organic SEO Consultant can help you with…

  • Analyzing Your Site & Competitors: Finding gaps in the market, and ways for us to use the resources you already have to improve rankings.
  • Finding website issues: Pointing out website issues that are hurting your SEO & prioritizing them accordingly for your website designer or developer.
  • Creating SEARCHABLE content: Supporting & educating you (or your content team) in writing SEO-friendly & well-optimized content that *actually* ranks, as well as repurposing that content accordingly for social media.
  • Save SEO “juice” when launching a new website or moving platforms.
  • SEO-supportive website design: Analyzing & consulting on the design of a website so that it’s as search-friendly as possible (a lot of this is typically overlooked).
  • Team up with PR: Helping you get supportive backlinks to help SEO & prioritize links/pages that will move the needle forward & improve your authority.
  • Tracking, Testing, Tweaking: Track SEO rankings & build out a long-term plan for building momentum based on results.

“The worst part about working with Mariah was that it came to an end. She’s a fantastic and super-knowledgeable SEO Consultant. I started with zero understanding of SEO and Mariah explained everything to me in a very simple and straightforward way. She had the perfect balance of getting me knowledgeable and comfortable with all the changes, without overwhelming me with the minute details. In terms of results from our work together, we went from being on page #1 for only 9 keywords to being on page #1 for 170+ keywords. So ya, I’d highly recommend you work with Mariah for all your SEO needs.

– Brendan

Want to Learn More About Organic SEO Consultant Services?

Packages are created custom for each client. Single sessions & long-term options are available.

What industries & niches do I work with?

TBH, it’s less about the industry or niche, and more about finding the gaps in the market.

But I’ve worked with service-based clients that offer professional services as well as eCommerce clients, in the following industries:

Designers (Interior, Graphic, Brand, etc)

Event & Wedding Professionals

Lawyers & Legal Support

Website Design & Development

Home Remodeling Supply Stores

Wreaths, Candles, and handmade products

Jewelry & Apparel


Photographers & Videographers

Personal Brands & Coaches

B2B Merchandising


Bloggers & Course Creators

Service Providers, Local & Online

“Working with Mariah was simply fantastic! Mariah came to the consulting call with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish based on my pre-call intake information. I was feeling very lost in terms of what content to begin creating for our website and e-commerce store and now I have a very clear roadmap that will keep me busy for the next several weeks. If you are feeling stuck in terms of SEO for your website, I highly recommend investing in Mariah’s organic SEO consulting services!

– Ashley & Eric

Show me the results

Let’s take a look at results from previous SEO clients, shall we?

Sometimes SEO results can take 6-12 months, but I’ve also gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together.

((***Specific results can never be guaranteed. Every client’s website has different goals, its own unique competition, and is starting from a different place. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, we can find the gaps, and begin to build momentum to get you on Google’s good side.))

These are some of the results my clients have experienced after we worked together on SEO…

Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine

Ready to Explore Organic SEO Consultant Services?

Packages are created custom for each client. Single sessions & long-term options are available.

Seo is foundational.

Additional benefits of hiring an organic SEO consultant:
One of the biggest benefits is reduced Marketing costs…

Organic SEO can be the foundation of your entire business; your website, your content, your marketing, all of it.

When you have a strategic SEO plan in place, you’re able to know EXACTLY what people are searching for, what kind of content they expect to find, and how to best support them. You can then use this information to create long-form search-friendly (and sustainable content) that brings your ideal customers and clients TO YOU.

And if you want to add fuel to the fire, you can repurpose your long-form content into social media-friendly content. Think about it; ONE blog post could be turned into a podcast episode, a youtube video, 3-4 Instagram reels or Tik-Toks, etc.

And the cool thing is that you KNOW this content is helpful because it was strategically created based off what people are already searching for (found by strategic SEO keyword research).

SEO can also inform your website structure, your services, and your landing pages or lead magnets.

The potential is TRULY limitless.

And then we tie all of that together with the fact that SEO can reduce your ad costs (if you run social media ads) by allowing you to retarget past website visitors gained by SEO vs. paying more for trying to get the attention of cold traffic.

What more could you want from ONE marketing strategy?

SEO can help you cut through the noise, stop the guessing games, AND save you money.

It’s foundational. Let me help you take advantage of it.

“If you’re hesitant about hiring and moving forward with Mariah Magazine for organic SEO consulting & support, don’t be. Mariah was easy to work with from start to finish. She took the time to ensure I understood the SEO process and my goals, along with answering any questions I had (in a way I could understand. SEO can be overwhelming lol). Mariah’s approachability and authentic self made for an even better experience than I expected. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

– April

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Packages are created custom for each client. Single sessions & long-term options are available.