Connect & Collaborate Playbook

Ready to stop trying to grow your business by yourself?

Harness the power of intentional relationships & collaborations to expand your visibility, grow your business, and elevate your network, in a way that’s both fun AND profitable…

Connect and Collaborate Playbook for Collaborative Marketing by Mariah Magazine

I've collaborated with over 100+ business owners.

And I’ve been able to grow my business, increase my sales, and expand my network in ways that I never thought possible…

Because I’m choosing not to do it alone.

Collaborative Marketing brings the *fun* back into growing a business. BECAUSE WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO DO IT BY OURSELVES IN THE FIRST PLACE.

We are social beings, by nature.

We crave connection, community & supportive relationships.

And growing a business is not an exception to that, hence the phrase “Grow your network, grow your net worth.”

Collaborative Marketing can be wildly successful on so many levels. But how do you get started? How do you collaborate? And where the hell do you even meet people who are actually aligned?

I dive into all of this, and more inside the Connect & Collaborate Playbook, including: 

There’s a better & more fun way to market your business…

A way that combines intentional relationships, with amplified visibility.

It’s a faster and more profitable way to grow your business online. 

And I want to help you take advantage of it, in a way that feels fun & supportive.
(Because “Bro Marketing” is out. Allowing ourselves to Connect & Collaborate is IN)

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