Wonder what’s holding you back from showing up on page 1?!
Let's explode your visibility with Google™ AND the people that are already searching for what YOU offer.

No more following everyone else's advice & hoping it works for you.
Get the details that are specific to YOUR business & YOUR website.

Increase your traffic, skyrocket your sales, and let's get YOU in front of the RIGHT people with essential SEO & online visibility strategies.

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If you’ve been struggling with: 

  • Increasing your website traffic from Google™...
  • Showing up in search results...
  • Choosing the RIGHT keywords to target to begin with...
  • Understanding wtf actually helps & hurts your SEO health...
  • Finding a steady flow of new customers & clients...
  • Not being seen by the right people...


Then a Power Hour was MADE for you, my friend.

This Power Hour is a laser-focused 1-on-1 consulting session with me.
We pull reports. We look at your SEO health. We see what’s hurting you.
We create a game plan to fix it.

If you’ve got an evergreen course, service, product, or program that you’re trying to get in front of people, for free, on Google™, this Power Hour is for you.

Google™ uses over 200 rankings factors to figure out where to place YOUR website in search results. ⠀

So if you’re not showing up where you want to be, there are definitely things we can dig into & improve to start getting you the right kind of results. ⠀ ⠀

We can also spy on your competition. What are they showing up on Google™ for? Are there content gaps you can slide in on? 😇😇

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So, what's included?

1-on-1 SEO Power Hour Intensive Includes:

60-min 1-on-1 Deep Dive Consulting Session

Copy of the session recording

Feedback on What's Holding Your Site Back from Ranking

Competitor Insight (What are they ranking for?!)

Your SEO Questions Answered So You're No Longer in the Dark

List of SEO Keywords to Target Moving Forward

3-5 Suggestions on What SEO Tasks to Prioritize First 

7-Days Post Session Email Support

30-Min Follow Up Call (30 Days After Session)

The best part about this SEO Power Hour service is that it's completely customizable.
I meet you where you're at, and where you need the most support & insight.

Investment = $397

Wait, Mariah, What Makes You Different?

My approach is priority-first SEO.

You likely don’t have an unlimited amount of resources to put into SEO from the get-go and I get that. So I tackle SEO one priority at a time. Every website is different, every audience is different, everyone’s starting point is different. After this package, you can walk away and generate results naturally or we can create an on-going SEO game plan that works FOR you.

I'm here for you (and/or your team) to help YOUR BUSINESS show up on Google™, where it matters most.

I know there are untapped opportunities for your business on Google™.

I'd love to show you.

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How Does a Power Hour Help You?

Here are a few things past clients have accomplished after a Power Hour Session:

Created an action plan to get a new website found in search results

Generated a list of blog posts that will help target the right kind of traffic

Infused SEO tweaks into old blog posts to increase traffic by 50%

Formulated a game plan to super-charge the keywords they're already showing up for

Updated their website & set up foundational tools that power up their SEO

Got 2 new clients from Google™ by implementing strategies we went over

Moved forward with a content marketing & repurposing plan that feels empowering

Improved rankings for 15+ SEO keywords that their competitors were ignoring

...not bad results for only doing a 1-hour call 😉😉😉

Who’s this perfect for?

  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Experts
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Coaches
  • Brands & Influencers
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Social Media Managers
  • Infopreneurs
  • Course Creators
  • Ecommerce Shops

How Does Your Process Work?

I'm Glad You Asked!


#1. Book Your Spot!

When you sign up for the 60-minute Power Hour, you'll pick the day & time that works for you, answer some questions, and handle the invoice. 


#2. Intensive Time

Your Power Hour is marked on both of our calendars. When it's time for our call we come together, do the deep dive, find the sweet spots, & create the game plan.


#3. Support All The Way

After our time is over, you'll still have 7 days of email support to help you work through any roadblocks and get shit done so your visibility with your people and with Google™ skyrockets.

SEO Power Hour - Feedback Jamie

“Mariah is the BOSS when it comes to SEO and making sure your website is working for you and your business from a traffic perspective (in other words, getting you more customers, clients, eyeballs, and SALES). We covered most of what I needed in under 30 minutes (crazy) and I got the answers I needed in terms of what to do to super-charge my website. I walked away feeling empowered and with a clear action plan so I can go make more sales and build my community with more valuable and strategic content. Huge win! "

- Jamie


“I knew immediately while watching Mariah's IG stories that I need this power hour in my life! She is an SEO sorceress and explains the "how" and "why" in a way that is so easy to understand, that my toddler could now probably navigate Google™ Search Console. She provided real actionable steps for me to improve not only my SEO strategy but better ways to use my content! I cannot wait to book my followup call to continue improving!"

- Chelsea


SEO Power Hour - Feedback Chelsea

The bottom line is: Your SEO health can be improved. Your content can show up on Google™. You can make MORE $$$ from your website.

We just have to see what’s holding you back. Let me show you.

SEO Power Hour - Feedback Yasmine

“Before being referred to Mariah, I was all over the place in terms of content creation for my new website, Coaches & Company. After our session, I had a solid plan of action. I knew exactly how to create content that my audience would be able to find easily & was ready to hit the ground running. Mariah explained everything in a way that was easy to digest & implement. I highly recommend working with Mariah & booking a PowerHour. Thank you, Mariah!"

- Yasmine


“I was so blown away during our Power Hour Session. I went from not having a clue about where I was sitting in terms of my site's SEO or where to even start to improve it, to having a solid understanding of what I was doing well and what needed to be improved. I have a 30-day plan to start making progress right away and am insanely excited to put Mariah's strategies into action both immediately and long-term. The best part is that she made it simple! While I definitely have some work to do, I'm not at all overwhelmed. Thanks, Mariah!"

- Krista


SEO Power Hour - Feedback Krista