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Sometimes SEO results can take a few months, but I’ve also gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together...

((***Specific results can never be guaranteed. Every client’s website has different goals, its own unique competition, and is starting from a different place. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, we can find the gaps, and begin to build momentum to get you on Google’s good side.))

Let's see them screenshots tho...

Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords from client
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords

“What a difference working with Mariah made. Within 4 weeks we were able to rank on page #1 for a few unique keywords and that was a HUGE change!!”

– Michael Sipe


“We felt frustrated as we saw our SEO results slipping behind some of our big competitors! We wanted to make a change to our SEO but just didn’t know where to start. And that’s why we hired Mariah. The most helpful part of working with her was simply tapping into her wealth of knowledge on Squarespace SEO and trusting her to lead the process, make changes, and really know what’s going to work and what won’t! Mariah put together such a clear path for us and our website, made recommendations with confidence and backed by research, and showed us the results to prove her process as well! She taught us SO much about Squarespace SEO, and is truly an expert in her field. We couldn’t recommend her enough! 

UPDATE: Currently #1 on Google for our target keyword that drives sales to our shop & went from position #11 to #5 for a super competitive keyword in our niche!”

– Hunter & Promise


Mariah brought credibility, simplicity, and results to my SEO needs. This was my first time hiring an SEO expert and she delivered. I received helpful guidance on how I can take ownership of my SEO footprint and Mariah was extremely responsive along the way. She also collaborated well with my web design team. We just launched a little over a month ago & I’ve already had clients reaching out saying they discovered my work on Google/SEO. Highly recommend Mariah’s services!”

– Riaz


“Where do I begin? The SEO Intensive with Mariah has been so incredibly helpful! Through the years, we have tried several services that would bill for monthly SEO maintenance, but we were not seeing results in organic web traffic or conversions. My team and I loved that Mariah wanted to train us to know the “ins and outs” of Search Engine Optimization. We now view our site, content and products through a completely different lens. In only 45 days, we have seen a dramatic uptick in traffic, conversions and new customers. Since SEO is a long-game investment, I am eager to see what the coming months will bring!

Mariah is a gifted teacher and excellent communicator. Her work with us has inspired growth and energized our entire company. We are grateful to her for sharing her time and talents and would highly recommend her to any business looking to invest wisely in their future!”

UPDATE: “We nearly quadrupled October sales from September! So stoked for the months to come. Thank you!!!!”

– Courtney Stanley


“I have been slowly implementing your tips from the DIY SEO Course for the past 3.5 months and I’m already seeing results from organic traffic after 2 years of having to rely on paid ads to generate business. Last month search traffic went up 61%, plus SALES from search traffic went up 95%, AND my average order value went up by 33%!!! 

I wish I had found you when I first set up my website. I knew SEO was important, but I couldn’t find a basic layout of what is actually important for a small business website and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. I love that you get right to the point of how to do something and a little about why. You provide information without making me feel like you are keeping a secret so that I will purchase something. But I bought from you because I wanted access to the information in steps I could read and follow. Oh, and you are hella funny & throw in the occasional expletive lol Thank you for offering a straight-to-the-point course.”

– Patricia


“Working with Mariah was so enjoyable and got me amazing results! Mariah made it easy to put together a strategy and focus on accomplishing my marketing goals. She also put together a plan for me after we accomplished my goals so I can keep improving. I couldn’t be happier with my improved keyword ranking and successful results!

UPDATE: We were able to increase traffic by 60%+ and we’re now in the top 3 of Google search results for 12 of our target keywords!!!

– Jillian


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“I am so glad that I decided to book SEO Consulting with Mariah. She walked me through step-by-step what was working on my site, and what should be tweaked to get me the best results. It was amazing to have an SEO expert weigh in on what the most powerful next steps would be for my website, and my business, to continue to see growth. During our follow-up call, she reinforced the healthy SEO habits I should carry with me as I continue to update the content on my site and add new materials. Throughout everything, Mariah was so easy to talk to and super accessible.”

UPDATE: “After following the game plan we created and optimizing that ONE page, I increased the clicks from Google to my website by over 150% the NEXT MONTH”

– Jocelyn


“I recently hired Mariah to help improve my website’s ranking on Google and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Mariah was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and she took the time to understand my business and my goals before developing a customized strategy. Her approach was comprehensive & the results have been outstanding. Within just a few months, my website’s ranking improved significantly, and I’ve seen a noticeable increase in organic traffic. I’ve also received positive feedback from customers who found my website through search engines. Mariah is knowledgeable and the dedication to her clients is truly impressive, and I’m grateful for the positive impact she’s had on my business.”

– Andy


“Mariah was great! From 3 minutes into our discovery call, I knew it was going to be a good fit. She listened to me, made suggestions, and kept me abreast of what she was doing the entire time. She knew I didn’t understand what to do but she was patient and explained things to me in a manner that made sense to me. She even fixed some things on my website that had nothing to do with SEO but she knew it wasn’t right. I literally reached out to her in tears and she said give me 3 hours and in 2 hours she was emailing me back saying go take a look at your website. She has a customer for LIFE now. She cares about her customers and you call tell that she enjoys her work and takes pride in what she does! Once she fixed broken links and worked on my SEO, I’ve had 3 clients reach out to me and when I asked how they found me they said Google!

UPDATE: Last year 90% of my clients came from GOOGLE!!!”

– Monika


“I tried to DIY my SEO but was struggling with actually getting a clear understanding of the big picture of SEO and then how to break that down into concrete, prioritized steps for me to take as a small business owner. When I tried to look up information about SEO, it got confusing really fast. Help articles made some sense, but the actual implementation wasn’t clear and there is conflicting information out there. What I LOVED about working with Mariah was her clear, no-bullshit style, and her ability to explain SEO jargon & systems in a way that I understand. The results speak for themselves! In just 3 weeks my website went from page #5, to page #1 for multiple keywords AND my website + products are now being found for over 200+ keywords (which is a 13%+ increase). We also added new pages to the website to target specific keywords for things I wanted to start showing up for, and those BRAND NEW pages are ALSO already being found on page #1. All of this has resulted in an 800% increase in sales to my shop JUST from organic search! This is just the beginning, so I’m really excited to keep testing & tweaking based on Mariah’s suggestions to see how the momentum continues to build!”

– Faye


"I was able to get started optimizing right after our session..."

“Not only is Mariah an SEO genius, but she has a gift for breaking down information in a way that you can actually understand it. She was able to help me prioritize what needed to be done right now, and give me a game plan for how to do it. I was able to get started optimizing my site right after our intensive session. I look forward to learning more from her in the future. This was an informative and fun experience!


"I have a solid plan of action..."

“Before being referred to Mariah, I was all over the place in terms of content creation for Coaches & Company. After our session, I have a solid plan of action. I know exactly how to create content that my audience would be able to find easily & I’m ready to hit the ground running. Mariah explained everything in a way that was easy to digest & implement. I highly recommend working with Mariah & booking a SEO Consulting session. Thank you, Mariah!”


"Real, actionable steps..."

“I knew immediately while watching Mariah’s IG stories that I need this power hour in my life! She is an SEO sorceresses and explains the “how” and “why” in a way that is so easy to understand, that my toddler could now probably navigate Google Search Console. She provided real actionable steps for me to improve not only my SEO strategy, but better ways to use my content! I cannot wait to book a follow-up call to continue improving!”


Logo of Organic SEO client Very Good Fireplaces

“The worst part about working with Mariah was that it came to an end. She’s fantastic and super knowledgeable. I started with zero understanding of SEO and Mariah explained everything to me in a very simple and straightforward way. She had the perfect balance of getting me knowledgeable and comfortable with all the changes, without overwhelming me with the minute details. In terms of results from our work together, we went from being on page #1 for only 9 keywords to being on page #1 for 170+ keywords. So ya, I’d highly recommend you work with Mariah for all your SEO needs.”

– Brendan


“I worked with Mariah over a year ago on improving my small business SEO strategy. We went through my whole website and she gave us a ton of pointers on areas that we could be really strategic with plugging in certain words or phrases that would help us be more visible online. It took us some time to go through and improve old content and then moving forward our team took these tips and tricks and worked them into our standard marketing strategy. We’ve seen big success with this investment! We went from being on page #1 for only a handful of random keywords to being in the TOP 3 results on page #1 for OVER 20+ KEYWORDS!!! And we also gained SO much knowledge & empowerment with knowing that we could take this new powerful information and really take as much marketing power as possible back into our own hands. Which feels great as a small business owner, every single click counts. 10/10 highly recommend working with Mariah!”

– Samantha


“Before working with Mariah, I had no idea how to optimize my website. Yes, I heard of SEO but it was some foreign concept for me. I hardly got any traffic to my site. After our SEO Strategy Intensive, I feel SO much better. Now I have a great plan and so much more insights when it comes to SEO so I can really start getting more free website traffic from Google. Seriously, all I can say is wow, I LOVED the SEO Consulting Session. SEO is no longer a complete mystery. I have a plan I can follow and I feel so confident my website is going to be on fire!“

– Marit


“Working with Mariah was such an absolute pleasure – the process of having my full website SEO done was totally effortless and I gained so much knowledge through Mariah’s wonderful ability to empower and educate whilst keeping the process hassle-free. I appreciate how Mariah kept me informed throughout the process and was so incredible with explaining the WHY behind each decision. Even though SEO is a long-term investment, and it can naturally take a while to see the true results, I am already seeing my investment pay off and I would 100% recommend working with Mariah for an SEO Optimization service – you won’t regret it!”

– Rebecca


“Now I KNOW where to put my focus, and I can tune out the noise, doubts, and problems. AND I actually ENJOY writing content for my website [after our session]. This has been a game changer for me!!!”

– Kerry


“Mariah and I had an SEO session awhile ago but the work we did is STILL paying off! I rank #1 on Google for [targeted keyword] which is my niche and I’ve received SO many inquiries directly from Google for my services. People are finding me without me having to lift a finger, it’s AMAZING! I highly recommend working and learning from Mariah, she is incredible and makes SEO so easy to understand!”

– Brittney


Headshot of Organic SEO client April

“If you’re hesitant about hiring and moving forward with Mariah Magazine for Shopify SEO, don’t be. Mariah was easy to work with from start to finish. She took the time to ensure I understood the SEO process and my goals, along with answering any questions I had (in a way I could understand. SEO can be overwhelming lol). Mariah’s approachability and authentic self made for an even better experience than I expected. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

– April


“If you’re on the fence about booking Mariah for SEO, it’s a MUST. Don’t hesitate. Mariah puts the human touch back into SEO strategy. Her personalized help allowed me to supercharge my SEO we talked. I now rank on page 1 for 3 different keywords!! My domain authority went up, I TRIPLED (yes, for real) my keyword presence, and my traffic skyrocketed! The post-call support was the best part. When a glitch occurred, Mariah immediately went into go-mode and found a fix plus a referral to fill in the cracks that were causing the problem. Her approach made a huge difference in how many people I can reach organically – thank you so much!!”

– Devon


“Our SEO Strategy Intensive with Mariah was simply fantastic! The timeframe doesn’t sound like a long time but Mariah came to the call with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish based on my pre-call intake information. I was feeling very lost in terms of what content to begin creating for our website and e-commerce store and now I have a very clear roadmap that will keep me busy for the next several weeks. If you are feeling stuck in terms of SEO for your website, I highly recommend investing in Mariah’s Shopify SEO services!”

– Ashley & Eric


"One of the best investments I've made"

“I found Mariah on YouTube when I was looking for help with Google Analytics and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. Mariah makes website and SEO easy to understand AND execute on your own. I recently booked an SEO Strategy Intensive with her and I was blown away at the amount of information, expertise, and next steps she provided. Because of her, for the first time in my four years of owning a business, I have a strategic website marketing plan to make sure the valuable content I create is getting in front of the right people on Google. As a marketing coach, I know there is so much more to marketing your business online than showing up on Instagram every day. Working with Mariah has helped me create a well-rounded virtual marketing plan and I am so grateful for that!”


"I highly recommend Mariah..."

“Mariah is a rock star when it comes to Search Engine optimization services. I learned more about driving traffic to my website in 90 minutes with her than I could in any class or my own research. I highly recommend Mariah.”


"Up-leveled our service..."

“Mariah’s expertise and knowledge in SEO makes her a great addition to work alongside our team to provide our clients with up-to-date knowledge, improve integration, and amazing results. Our client’s have been extremely satisfied with her services. Her feedback with working on the Shopify platform has also up leveled the service we provide when looking for improved themes and features that align with SEO best practices.”


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