SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+

It’s SEO client results case study time!

INCREASED ORGANIC TRAFFIC BY 6X+ AND SEO KEYWORDS BY 2.5x+ 👀🔥 in less than 2 months.

These results were from a recent SEO Foundational Setup client.

((Aka a one-time done for you SEO package))

These results did NOT come from ongoing SEO implementation or a monthly retainer.

Obviously, these results cannot be guaranteed.

It ALL depends on where you’re starting at.

This client, for example, has had an ecommerce Shopify website for about a year.

She had a handful of products and 2 published blog posts.

Her website WAS being found on Google before working together, but after looking at the data, only a few of those keywords aligned with her brand & goals.

So, I went to work.

Dug in, found the gaps, fixed some shit & implemented a prioritized game plan.

I think her website got results so quickly because there was SO. MANY. GAPS. IN. THE. MARKET.

This leads me to a common SEO myth I hear all.the.time…

Most people think SEO & Google is too saturated.


I’ve worked with dozens & dozens of clients.

And I’m yet to find an industry/niche that has zero gaps in the market.

That’s where hiring a professional comes in handy 👀

Let’s take a look at some before & after data though, shall we?

Organic traffic from May vs. August:

Organic SEO keywords from May vs. August:

What did we do in order to get these SEO results?

We followed the process that I created for the done-for-you SEO foundation setup, which includes:

  • Running an SEO Audit
  • Analyzing the market & competitors
  • Finding the gaps
  • Creating a strategic SEO game plan
  • Fixing some UX & tech errors
  • Optimizing priority content to start filling the gaps in the market
  • Creating a step by step game plan to keep the momentum going!**

*****IMPORTANT NOTE: SEO is not a “set it & forget it” thing. My foundational setup package helps JUMPSTART everything. It’s up to clients to continue to build momentum by following the game plan moving forward.

Since this SEO Foundational Setup Package is a ONE-TIME package, the responsibility to keep this momentum going falls on the client moving forward. Because of that, I make sure that my clients have everything they need to move forward strategically.

After our package wrapped up, my client now:

  • Understands SEO & what to prioritize
  • Knows how to optimize products, pages, and blog posts going forward
  • Has a list of blog posts to create that target even MORE SEO keywords (aka SEO-prioritized 12-month content marketing plan)
  • Is FINALLY starting to be found for things her ideal customers/client are searching for
  • Feels empowered and excited about SEO and its possibilities vs. overwhelmed and stuck spinning her wheels
  • Knows how to check in on her data and that I’m here to help & support her if/when she needs it

Why do I structure my SEO package this way?

Because there are a TON of long-term SEO options offered by other SEO experts and agencies, and that’s amazing. But that’s not what my clients needed.

A lot of my clients are smaller business owners (either solopreneurs or businesses with a team of 5 or less) running a service-based business or an e-commerce business. And most of them either don’t have the budget to continue to pay $2k a month for SEO and/or they (themselves or someone on their team) is eager to learn how to implement things moving forward.

That’s why I structured my SEO package like this; because I found a gap in the market that not only gets results (as you can see) but one that I’m wildly passionate about filling.

This DOES NOT mean that after this package wraps up, I leave my clients out to dry with a “goodbye and good luck” lolol

Quite the opposite.

My clients know that moving forward, I’m here for help & support IF AND WHEN they need it.

Want me to continue to track and consult on SEO every month? Cool, I’m here.

Want me to pop my head in and look at your data every 3 months and create a quarterly-game plan? I’m all over it.

Feel empowered enough to take it and run on your own? Fuck yes, get it!

At the end of the day, I believe that different businesses need different solutions.

One size fits all doesn’t work, even with SEO solutions. And that includes ONLY having an option to hire out SEO with a long-term 6-12-month commitment. That’s not how me & SEO roll together.

So for the humans that want a solid SEO foundation, without all the monthly ongoing bells and whistles, call me 😉

Why does my SEO process work?

Because as an SEO professional, I’m pretty fucking good at:

👉 Finding GAPS in the market, not going after wildly competitive keywords or optimizing for words that “sound good”

👉 Focusing on PRIORITIES

👉 Building out a STRATEGIC game plan

👉 Educating clients on how SEO works, and what ACTUALLY matters

👉 Considering user INTENT (always!)

And here’s what this specific client had to say about working together:

“If you’re hesitant about hiring and moving forward with Mariah Magazine, don’t be. Mariah was easy to work with from start to finish. She took the time to ensure I understood the SEO process and my goals. Mariah took the time to answer any questions I had in a way I could understand. Mariah’s approachability and authentic self made for a better experience than I expected. I can’t wait to work with her again!” – April Ray

So, what can you do to start harnessing the ✨magic✨ behind SEO?

➡️ Make sure you have Google Search Console set up on your website!

➡️ Fix the UX & tech issues on your website (yes, you have some. I’ll almost guarantee it 😂)

➡️ Understand how users search and how Google works (especially user intent!)

➡️ Target the RIGHT keywords (not just the words & phrases that “sound good” or you *think* make sense)

➡️ Prioritize accordingly (your website/content doesn’t need to be perfect. Priorities are based on CONTEXT).

Interested in focusing on SEO & letting your ideal people find YOU?

SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+SEO Client Results: Increased Organic Traffic By Over 6x And Organic Keywords By 2x+

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