SEO for Web Designers Workshop

Learn how to infuse SEO into your website designs so you can support your client’s rankings, and stop hindering & hurting them 😳

SEO for Website Designers Workshop with Mariah Magazine

The truth is, we can’t avoid how intertwined the world of SEO and website design is…

Google judges a website on over 200+ factors, and a LOT of them are user-experience and website design + structure…

BUT I know how overwhelming the nitty gritty details of SEO can feel when you’re just like “fuck man, I’m just trying to stay in my zone of genius and DESIGN a beautiful kick-ass website for my client…”

It’s unfair to expect you to be an expert in web design AND an expert in SEO. BUT there are things that you need to know in order to build more SEO-friendly websites for your clients.

Which is where I come in; helping you bridge the gap between them, in a way that feels approachable & practical.

Think of this SEO for Website Designers Workshop as a Continuing Education class for website designers...

Ready to offer clients SEO-friendly (and supercharged) websites, WITHOUT having to learn the nitty gritty details of SEO?

Join me in a ✨NEW✨ 1.5-hour virtual workshop created EXCLUSIVELY for website designers where you’ll learn:

what past attendees have said

About Previous SEO Workshops...

AndiMarketing Manager @ Lost Hill Lake Events
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"I recently attended the SEO Workshop and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the instruction and the wealth of information provided. Mariah was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about the subject matter, and her expertise was evident from the moment the session began. Throughout the training, she presented the material in a clear, concise manner, and made sure to cover all the key topics in detail. Mariah was also very patient and supportive, taking the time to answer all questions thoroughly and ensuring that everyone in the group felt included in the conversation."
MarkOwner of Tech Bitz N' Pcs
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"It's always great with your workshops. No fluff or fairy dust just straight to the point no bullshit presentations. Just the way a like it👍 The tips from the workshop have given me plenty of scope for tweaking and possibly redoing the product content descriptions on my website. Thank you, Mariah!"
Jenni Owner of Illuminate Space
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"I attended the SEO Workshop because I love how Mariah makes SEO education approachable. I’ve been following her content for years because she breaks down the information in ways that make it easier for me to understand as a small business owner. She gives practical tips and action steps that are doable for the everyday/non-SEO expert like myself. 🙂 But at the same time, she makes me feel like I know what I am doing because during the SEO Keyword Workshop, she set us up with strategies that work and can be measured."
ZaraRelationship Coach
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"I'm only halfway through the workshop and it's already super eye opening! My assistant and I are getting clearer on better ways to position content and my coaching program on the website and other copy to attract better clients."


🥳 Date: Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

🥳 Time: 2pm EST // 1pm CST

(( Yes, there WILL be a replay if you can’t make it live!))


🎥 A live 1.5-hour virtual workshop hosted on Zoom.

👀 Copy of recording so you can revisit everything you learn.

✅ An ULTIMATE checklist for designing SEO-friendly websites

🔥 Q&A with Mariah

So, what do ya say?
Are you ready to SEO supercharge your client's websites?