The SEO Keyword Planner

make your SEO keyword research process a breeze!

5-Page Editable Google Spreadsheet Workbook That Makes the SEO Keyword Research Process Quicker & More Effective

No more having scattered ass data, docs, or scribbled notes everywhere. Keep all of your SEO research in ONE place 🥳 🔥 This SEO Keyword Planner also makes it easy to share with your team, content creator, or website person!

“Mariah!!! I’M SO IMPRESSED. I mean, I am always impressed by anything you put out but I absolutely LOVED how easy this SEO Keyword Planner was to follow, read, and implement for myself immediately. No matter how long I’ve been in the game, there’s always something I just can’t get about long-tail keywords, how to implement them properly in the blog post I’m writing, and just in general, figuring it all out. Well, now I can. So easy to use, it actually makes it fun.

Thank you so much ❤️”

– Emilia


Snag Your SEO Keyword Planner!

SEO Keyword Planner Screenshot - Mariah Magazine

The SEO Keyword Planner Includes:

  • Space to brainstorm topics
  • Space for page/post strategizing
  • Planning on-page optimization
  • List of recommended SEO research tools
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Examples to help you get started!
  • PLUS tips & best practices to help improve your rankings

This bad boy is truly an SEO work of ART lolol

SEO Keyword Planner is created in a Google Spreadsheet. You’ll get access to make your own copy! This 5-page editable workbook includes a page of instructions & tips, (2) pages of examples, and (3) pages for planning SEO on your own website.

PLEASE NOTE: This planner is not intended to TEACH you SEO, keyword research, or on-page strategy. It’s intended for you to use as a place to keep, organize, and plan your website’s SEO. If you’d like more information on learning SEO or keyword research, check out my DIY SEO Course or the SEO Keyword Research Workshop.

*** Because of the digital nature of this document, there are NO refunds once purchased. BUT if you have a question or need anything, you can always email me at

I always start my SEO with the best intentions but run out of time (ahem, lose interest) very quickly. Mariah’s keyword planner has given me the system that I needed to not only start off on the right foot – but actually stay on top of it! Super organized, simple, and best of all it’s easy to IMPLEMENT and stay on top of.

Thank you, Mariah!

– Doreen


“This SEO Keyword planner makes it so easy to make sure your website is set for SEO. The steps provided walk you through how to brainstorm and find keywords for your business and implement them. But my favorite part is the tips and how they are added in the planner as checklist items to make sure you have the best on-page SEO possible.”

– Sarah


“Mariah is THE BEST for small-business SEO. She makes everything easy to understand, as well as actually implement. Her Keyword Planner has helped immensely and I’m so glad I found it at the beginning of my website planning journey. A highly knowledgeable professional with a friendly demeanor, Mariah is the choice!” – Cait Doyle

Snag Your SEO Keyword Planner!