SEO Keyword Research: Quick & Effective Guide For Blog Posts


Perfect for Content Creators (Bloggers, Online Business Owners, Course Creators, Marketers, etc)

No more having to wonder how to do quick & effective SEO keyword research for your blog posts 🥳 🔥

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“I LOVE it!!! So pretty. I’ve taken A LOT of SEO courses over the years and I love how easy and simple you make everything! Already created 6 blog post ideas over the weekend. THANK YOU very much!!!”

– Deonnah Carolus

This guide walks you through:

  • WTF keyword research *really* is & why it’s important
  • Definitions & metrics breakdown (so you can finally understand some of the lingo floating around the blogosphere)
  • Examples of GOOD keywords –– not all keywords are good, my friend.
  • Step by step how to do SEO keyword research for blog posts (without having to invest in expensive SEO tools)
  • Important tips that can make or break your keyword successList of tools & resources
  • List of tools & resources
  • Quick & effective keyword research checklist (To make this a breeze for you or your team to implement)

After you complete your purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to get instant access to the Google Drive folder so you can start getting your content on Google’s good side!

Please note: This guide is outlined to show you how to do SEO keyword research for BLOG POSTS specifically. You can take what you learn from here & apply it to the rest of the content on your website (product pages, the home page, services pages, etc) but the walk-through process is specifically for blog posts. 

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Hey Mariah read through the guide thanks it’s really valuable. As a copywriter I need to make sure I’m on my A game with keyword research for blogs and web copy but tbh I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by it. Your guide laid it out simply and in plain English. It was really validating to know that I am doing it as I should be but I also got some great new tips to up my game😍😍. It’s great for someone like me who has SEO needs but a full on course or something like that would be overkill and wouldn’t be a good investment of my time. Love love love that you also recommend a really great FREE tool to use. I’ve used semrush but it’s just overkill for my needs. Thanks!!

– Kerry Campion

Snag Your SEO Keyword Research Guide!