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Done for You SEO Optimization Package

Done for you SEO Optimization Package for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Online Business Owners, Ecommerce Shop Owners, and more!

ready to get found by people already searching for the solutions you offer?

Ready to stop leaving SEO on the backburner & money on the table for your competitors?

I get it, SEO isn’t your favorite thing to think about, BUT YOUR PEOPLE ARE ALREADY SEARCHING FOR THE SOLUTIONS YOU OFFER.

And Google’s not gonna show them your helpful Instagram post you wrote yesterday…#truth

At the very least you NEED to have your SEO foundation set up so you can become a traffic magnet, start building unshakeable MOMENTUM & stop letting your SEO rankings slip through the cracks.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re in the right place

  • Excited about all of the free organic search traffic your website could be generating but don’t want to do it yourself?
  • Want to start taking advantage of SEO because you know your competitors are leaving this option (and $$$) on the table?
  • Know SEO is important but don’t see it being a big source of traffic for your website?
  • Confused about where to start and what to prioritize first?
  • Tried tinkering with SEO, keywords, or Yoast but are stumped about what your website is missing?
  • Overwhelmed with all of the “should” dos floating around the interwebs that you just end up putting SEO on the back burner because you just don’t have time to dig in?
  • Want to cross this off of your to-do list and get a strategized game plan on how to keep the SEO momentum building?
  • Redesigning a website for yourself or a client and want to save your SEO rankings & launch your new site with momentum?

Why do you need to set up your website’s SEO Foundation?

The biggest problem I see when it comes to SEO isn’t that you’re not “doing anything right”, it’s the fact that your SEO foundation isn’t set up correctly or effectively, so even if you are doing things correctly (like getting a green light on Yoast) you’re STILL not showing up on Google or getting results.

And that’s because you have holes in your foundation and you’re lacking SEO strategy & data.

Getting a green light with Yoast isn’t going to help you get on page #1…especially if you’re leaving out the other pieces to the puzzle.

And if you think SEO is “too competitive”, you’re not doing it right. I wrote a blog post 4 years ago that is STILL on the first page of Google for 10+ keywords because I found the gap, and filled it.

There are 3.5 billion searches happening on Google every day…..EVERY. DAY.

So even if your target audience is less than .0000001% of that, that’s STILL 3 people PER DAY…90 people per month looking for your solutions.

Ready to stop putting SEO on the back burner?
Let me handle it for you.

Foundational SEO Optimization Service

SEO Optimization setup service Includes:
  • Client Discovery Questionaire
  • Findability & Searchability SEO Audit
  • In-Depth SEO Keyword Research
  • Fixing Of Broken Links (Up To 50)
  • Competitor Analysis (Up To 3)
  • SEO Foundational Tools Setup
  • Custom SEO Strategy For Up To 8 Pages
  • On-Page SEO Implementation
  • Updated Sitemap Submission To Google
  • SEO Content Update Suggestions
  • 30min Follow-Up Call
  • (1) Hour For Fixing Any Additional Errors
  • List of SEO Keywords for Your Business
  • Strategic List Of Blog Post Ideas
  • Blogging for SEO Best Practices & Process
  • Your Prioritized SEO Game Plan

Pay in Full Investment = $3997

Or (2) Payments x $1999 – (3) Payments x $1444 – (5) Payments x $888
Timeline For Project: 8-10 Weeks

Ready to Start Taking Advantage of SEO Optimization?

I know what you’re thinking

Can I Get Results From This SEO Optimization Package?


I know “SEO Foundational Setup” doesn’t sound very sexy, but I’ve gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together.

I have to be transparent though, specific results can’t be guaranteed. Every website has different goals, is starting from a different point, and has to take different factors into effect. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, whatever your goal is, we can start to fill the gaps, begin to build momentum, and get you on Google’s good side. 

These are some of the results my clients have experienced after we strategically set up their website’s SEO Foundation…the right way!

SEO Optimization Package Results - Mariah Magazine
SEO Optimization Package Results Data 2 - Mariah Magazine
SEO Optimization Package Results Screenshots from clients - Mariah Magazine

Have questions about the seo optimization package?

here are a couple faq’s

I offer on-going support for my clients that want to continue working together. 

After our SEO Foundational Setup, it doesn’t have to be the end for us.

I’m here to help your SEO grow in a way that works for you.

You’ll walk away with access to:

  • Findability SEO Audit: The nitty-gritty details behind where your SEO is starting at and any technical or UX errors that are holding your website back from ranking
  • SEO Keyword Research List (Includes metrics & data): What is your audience typing into Google? Which keywords will give you the most bang for your buck? Which ones are actually WORTH your time?
  • Competitor Analysis: Insight & data on your competitors. What are they showing up in Google for?
  • Strategic Blog Post List: Strategic list of blog post & content ideas based on keyword research that you can use for your content marketing strategy moving forward.
  • Custom SEO Wrap-Up PDF: Includes all of the details and links for what we’ve accomplished, including a list of next steps for you or your team
  • Access to Call Recordings: So you (or your team) can access our call(s) & info at any time!

Totally understandable!

We have a few options here — I can either add those pages on for an additional cost OR we can strategize which pages to optimize first, depending on the amount of website traffic they get, and then I’ll give you the details on how you (or your team) can optimize the rest!


Setting up your SEO foundational setup from the get-go will:

  • Save you a ton of headaches down the road
  • Start your SEO on the right foot so your newly launched website gets on Google’s good side from the start
  • Give you insight into your competitors
  • Allow you to create a content strategy that will help improve your SEO rankings vs. creating random posts and hoping for the best.

With the way that I’ve set up my packages & options, no. This is a one-time setup package. If you’d like to talk about options for ongoing support moving forward after this package wraps up, we can chat about options!

I do not. I focus on organic SEO strategies.


Because Google Ads only get clicked (on average) 25% of the time….and when you stop paying for ads, you stop getting traffic.

I prefer that organic, sustainable, & magnetic type of growth 😉

Ready to Start Taking Advantage of SEO Optimization?

Working with Mariah was such an absolute pleasure – the process of having my full website SEO done was totally effortless and I gained so much knowledge through Mariah’s wonderful ability to empower and educate whilst keeping the process hassle-free. I appreciate how Mariah kept me informed throughout the process and was so incredible with explaining the WHY behind each decision. Even though SEO is a long-term investment, and it can naturally take a while to see the true results, I am already seeing my investment pay off and I would 100% recommend working with Mariah for an SEO Optimization service – you won’t regret it!

– Rebecca


“Mariah was great! From 3 minutes into our discovery call, I knew it was going to be a good fit. She listened to me, made suggestions and kept me abreast of what she was doing the entire time. She knew I didn’t understand what to do but she was patient and explained things to me in a manner that made sense to me. She even fixed some things on my website that had nothing to do with SEO but she knew it wasn’t right. I literally reached out to her in tears and she said give me 3 hours and in 2 hours she was emailing me back saying go take a look at your website. She has a customer for LIFE now. She cares about her customers and you call tell that she enjoys her work and takes pride in what she does! Once she fixed broken links and worked on my SEO, I’ve had 3 clients reach out to me and when I asked how they found me they said Google!

Money well spent. Thank truly isn’t enough!”

– Monika