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The Ultimate SEO Roadmap 🎉


It’s NOT TOO LATE to start getting the right kind of results from SEO.

And no, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need the step-by-step roadmap, FAST…

The Ultimate SEO Roadmap Includes:

Don’t worry, this SEO Roadmap totally is not filled with “techy” lingo.

I make SEO actionable, easy, and even…fun 😉

As a newbie, I started optimizing my content for SEO but felt “burnt out” pretty quickly. But Mariah’s SEO Roadmap brought me back on track.I’ve used her SEO tips extensively and they’re working!!! The roadmap is simple, easy to understand yet highly technical & efficient. Though I knew what to do, I had never understood what would happen if I skipped one of the steps until I followed Mariah’s SEO roadmap. Thank you, Mariah!” 

– Sahana


The Human Behind it all

Mariah Magazine

  • Web Designer & Developer turned SEO Consultant & Educator 6+ years ago
  • Buffalo, NY born & raised
  • I’ve helped over 150+ clients get their websites found on Google by implementing a strategy that feels both doable AND aligned.
  • “Magazine” isn’t my real last name. It’s my old MySpace name from High School. No one could pronounce my extremely Polish real last name, so Mariah Magazine stuck like glue.
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