How Working With an SEO & Growth Strategist Can Skyrocket Your Results

How can working with an SEO & Growth Strategist make you more money?
What can an SEO & Growth Strategis
t provide for you?

Your website is the entire foundation of your online presence.
It’s what all of your other online efforts point back too.

Your YouTube channel or Podcast…link back to your website.
Your Instagram feed and your stories…try to push people to your website.
Your pins on Pinterest…drive traffic back to your blog and website.

Even your business cards that you might hand out at in-person events have your website URL on them.

And that’s because your website is the foundation of your entire digital presence.

So if there’s an issue, big or small, with your website, with your SEO, with the foundation of your online ecosystem in general…you could be losing out on customers, clients, email subscribers, and money.

WTF does an SEO & Growth Strategist DO?

Make the foundation of your online ecosystem work EFFECTIVELY for your business, your goals, AND your ideal audience….and no, this isn’t something that automatically happens when you have a website 😉

I dig in and find where your website, SEO, and online visibility is lacking and coming up with a prioritized step-by-step game plan to fix it so you can start seeing more RESULTS from your online presence….in a way that energizes you.

I’m not here to add more shit to your plate.

You’re already spending time trying to grow your online business…
I help you use that time effectively.

Who is SEO & Growth Strategy perfect for?

  • Website Designers that want feedback, support, or an expert to send their clients to.
  • Business Owners that are tired of Google searching and testing out every single growth strategy someone suggests.
  • Solopreneurs that want a prioritized game plan outlining HOW to improve their SEO and their online visibility in a way that’s both unique to their business AND energizes them.
  • Agencies that have in-house copywriters, designers, and developers but are lacking an SEO or Online Growth Strategy for their own website or client websites
  • People that are designing and creating their site on their own (DIY)

How Can Working With an SEO & Growth Strategist Skyrocket Your Results?

Here are 14+ different ways an SEO & Growth Strategist can bring perspective, clarity & actionable advice…that not only IMPROVES your website but helps you make more money from it.

  1. Give feedback and suggestions on how to improve your site for your visitors and for Search Engines
    • There’s always room for improvement when it comes to your website. Some things may be more obvious than then next, but a Strategist can point out things that you didn’t even consider or might have overlooked.
    • An SEO & Growth Strategist can also point out elements that might be affecting your rankings with search engines. Like that pop-up that happens as soon as someone lands on your homepage…no Bueno, friend.
  2. Give solutions for website issues (especially if you’re DIYing your site)
    • Don’t know the best way to do something on your website? Or maybe you don’t even know where to start? A Strategist can give you recommendations and solutions for any problem you’re trying to solve on your website that make the most sense for your budget, your audience, and for Search Engines
  3. Solve your problem WITH you, so you know how to do it next time
    • Instead of hiring someone to fix a problem FOR you, you might want the ins and the outs of HOW it got fixed so next time the problem comes up, you can tackle it yourself. A Strategist can totally do this for you!
    • During a session, often times the Strategist can screenshare as they’re fixing the problem so you can see it done and ask questions along the way!
  4. Do Competitor Research
    • Want the inside scoop on your competitors?
    • Who does Google think your competitors are? They could be completely different than your perspective.
    • An SEO & Growth Strategist can dig into your competitors, run reports, and find clear and profitable gaps in the market that YOU can take advantage of.
  5. Plan a website strategy
    • Not sure of the best way to display your services? Don’t know how to turn your website visitors into customers and clients? A Strategist can swoop in, learn about your audience and how you help them, and then create a customized strategy that helps you meet your goals.
  6. Help you understand your website’s audience
    • Sometimes the people we THINK are on our website, are not actually the people that our content and website is attracting. A Strategist can look at your Google Analytics and traffic data and give you an inside look on what kind of people are on your site, where they’re coming from, and what information they’re consuming the most to help you better prioritize your content marketing plan.
  7. Create wireframes & outlines for your Designer, Copywriter (or yourself) to work from
    • Already have a website designer or copywriter that you’re working with? Not a problem! A Strategist can work hand in hand with them and create a custom wireframe, outline, and sitemap that helps your Web Designer & Copywriter create your website with SEO & Strategy in mind so that your site isn’t just pretty to the eye, but a powerhouse under the hood.
  8. Gather & analyze your website traffic and analytics
    • Want to know which social media platforms are bringing you the most website traffic? What about which blog posts are performing the best? Want to find out which pages are making people LEAVE your site? A Strategist can find out all of this information and give recommendations on what to do next to help you take advantage of it.
  9. Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • How is your website’s SEO? Is your site on Google’s good side? A Strategist can run reports and look at your website’s foundations and tell you what you’re missing, what you need to focus on, and how to improve your SEO so you can start ranking in Google’s search results!
  10. Help you evaluate if you need a website rebuild
    • Not sure if you should invest in a website redesign? A Strategist can take a look at your site from a bird’s eye view perspective and let you know if there are improvements and tweaks you can make, or if a new website would be the right move….depending on YOUR unique business & goals.
  11. Point out and fix common traffic & SEO errors
    • Every website, although unique, a lot of the time have the same common problems happening that are preventing traffic and SEO results. A Strategist can let you know which errors are affecting your site AND how to prioritize them so you know what to fix first.
  12. Map out the structure of your website
    • Should you have all of your services listed on 1 page? Or should you have pages for each one? What about the navigation menu, how should that be organized? Have you thought about your website’s footer? A Strategist can help you plan the entire structure of your site so that it makes sense for your website visitors and for Search Engines.
  13. Brainstorm lead magnets/blog post ideas that speak to your audience
    • Using content and opt-ins to showcase your expertise and help your audience solve a problem can be a HUGE way to start getting better results from your website if you do it right. A Strategist can do research and help you brainstorm content ideas that will speak directly to your audience and get you more bang for your time.
  14. Coach you on how to write SEO-friendly content
    • When it comes to writing content for your blog, you want it to speak to your audience AND to Google so you can start showing up in search results and building up your website traffic organically. A Strategist can go through the best practices and explain what Google looks for when it comes to blog posts, and what elements you should prioritize first.
  15. Explain why your website and blog posts aren’t ranking in Google
    • Already have blog posts written but can’t figure out why they’re not ranking in Google? What about your website’s homepage? That’s your website’s most powerful page…if that’s not showing up in search results you could have a bigger underlying problem. A Strategist can dive in and give you the 411 on it all.
  16. and much more!

There’s a ton of other ways an SEO & Growth Strategist can help improve your website. This list is not exhaustive, but hopefully, it’s given you some ideas on how to take advantage of one.

In a nutshell, the job of an SEO & Growth Strategist is to help YOU work smarter, not harder, by leveraging the power of your website.

How much does Strategy and Consulting cost?

That totally depends on what you need!

When it comes to getting results from your website and SEO, I have 3 main options, depending on your goals & your budget:

  1. Do it Yourself Option: Easy SEO for Solopreneurs (DIY COURSE)
  2. Do it Together Option: 90 min Growth & Strategy Intensive
  3. Do it For You Option: SEO Foundational Setups

…but before any money is exchanged or decisions are made, I can always hop on a free 30-minute consult to make sure we’re a good fit and this solution makes sense for your specific needs.

(If it doesn’t, don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging’. I always give suggestions on the best way to move forward, even if it’s not with me.)

Want to learn more about how I can help you make more money from your website?

Head over to this page and fill out the quick form!

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How Working With an SEO & Growth Strategist Can Skyrocket Your ResultsHow Working With an SEO & Growth Strategist Can Skyrocket Your Results

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