The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Successful SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions


Perfect for Content Creators (Bloggers, Online Business Owners, Course Creators, Marketers, etc)

Getting on page #1 of Google is great, but if no one is CLICKING on YOUR results, then all the SEO work you did falls through the cracks. This guide will show you the best practices of creating a successful & enticing SEO Title & Meta Description so you can increase your website traffic from Google! 🥳 🔥

Snag Your SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions Guide!

This guide walks you through:

  • SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions 101 (so you can finally understand what they are & why they’re an important part of SEO)
  • Examples of GOOD titles & meta descriptions –– and not-so-good ones so you can see the difference)
  • List of Best Practices (so you can craft your titles & meta descriptions to get on Google’s good side & entice clicks!)
  • What to do AFTER you customize them (so Google can update your search results)
  • How to know if your SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions are successful(including which data/metric to keep a close eye on)
  • Important tips that can make or break your SEO title & meta description success
  • Checklist (To make this a breeze for you or your team to implement)
  • BONUS: SEO titles & meta descriptions review document from a past client (so you have an inside look at my process & more examples!)

After you complete your purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to get instant access to the Google Drive folder so you can start getting your content on Google’s good side!

Is this guide only for WordPress?

Nope! I’ve included a “How to Customize” section where I dive into instructions for WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, and Shopify!

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Snag Your SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions Guide!