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Ready to learn SEO in a way that feels approachable? Let's do it.

Hiya, I’m Mariah! I’m an award-winning SEO Educator & Consultant that teaches business owners & team members how to implement SEO in a way that’s both successful AND sustainable.


What Kinda SEO WORKSHOP Are you Interested in?

If you’re craving an SEO Workshop that provides “ah-ha” moments & teaches you or your team what the hell to *actually* pay attention to & prioritize, you’re in the right place…


Workshops for You or Your VA

Ready to learn about SEO so you can start implementing it on your website & increase your traffic from search engines? 


Workshops & Intensives for Teams

Want your team trained in SEO? I support team members in learning (and implementing) SEO so that they can start infusing updated SEO best practices into their processes.


Workshops for your group

Do you have a group of business owners that would benefit from learning about SEO? I love teaching SEO workshops inside programs, courses & masterminds.

“Mariah’s group training SEO workshop was amazing and a wonderful experience. Mariah’s energy is awesome and our clients got so much out it. She got raving reviews. Mariah is a true SEO expert and was more than prepared for all our questions with so many value add resources past the training. I highly suggest you work with her.”

– Brandy


Brandy CEO Coach for Private Practice Owners SEO testimonial for workshop

“We LOVED Mariah’s SEO workshop inside of our Social Squad Society group! And our members loved it too. So much so that one person took 3 pages of notes. LOL. Our favorite part about it was Mariah’s honesty, and how well she explained things in terms we could all understand, without getting too in the weeds or being overwhelming. The content. The delivery. The explanations. Everything was perfect. Seriously. We’d 100% recommend having her as an educator!”

– Emily & Shannon



SEO Keywords Workshop

Learn how to do effective SEO keyword research that *actually* gets results

SEO for eCommerce Workshop

Virtual 1.5-hour workshop exclusively for my eCommerce & product-based businesses.

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VIP Intensives & SEO Workshops for Teams

Ready to take advantage of getting your brand & business on Google with organic SEO but don’t want to hire an agency?

Train your team on SEO so they can start infusing SEO best-practices into the content, processes, and workflows that they’re ALREADY doing.

Current Team Training Options Include:

👉 VIP SEO Team Training Intensive (includes SEO audit, custom strategy, 2-hour training session for the team on how to implement, SOP’s, and more!)

👉 Laser-Focused One-Hour Workshop (Perfect if there’s only ONE aspect of SEO you’d like your team updated on trained on.)

“Mariah’s training was easy to follow and implement right away. As someone who knows a little bit about SEO, it can get confusing fast. Mariah kept it super simple so you could see results immediately after getting off the call. My favorite part of the workshop was tangible steps you can take right now. Like using local Google to create a business listing. Genius. I would 1000% recommend Mariah as an SEO Educator, she took the needs of the group into consideration and customized the workshop specifically to us. My mastermind is obsessed with her training and since the live version have watched it multiple times because she dropped so many ways we can improve our SEO right now. It was so engaging and one of the Mariah was one of the most valuable speakers we have had all year.”

– Holly Haynes


Holly Haynes SEO Workshop Testimonial headshot

"One of the best investments I've made"

“Mariah’s SEO Team Training Workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made in a while. SEO is something I know we need to work on, but I didn’t have the time to research and implement myself or the time and knowledge to train anyone on my team. In one day, Mariah handled all of that. I now have a team member who has a much better understanding of SEO and who can do all of the ongoing work for me. All I need to do is create the content and she’ll take it from there!”


"SUCH a big success!"

“Mariah’s SEO Workshop inside of my program was SUCH a big success! She broke down SEO into bite-size approachable pieces and also gave really helpful tips & things to start implementing right away, which was awesome. We love bite-sized wins over here @ the Passive Project. It’s been over a year since her training and my students are still finding it incredibly valuable & continuously raving about it! If you’re looking for a guest expert to teach about SEO, Mariah is the way to go!! (Thanks so much, Mariah!!!)


"Made SEO easy to understand"

“Mariah is a phenomenal educator who made SEO easy to understand and actionable for our students to implement directly. She received rave reviews from all of our accelerator members and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her!”


"Highly recommended!"

“Mariah’s workshop for my membership was the perfect introduction to SEO for newbies. She was able to make a sometimes intimidating topic very accessible to newbies, and leave them with a clear sense of what matters and what to prioritize. Also, she is hilarious. Highly recommend!”


SEO Workshops for Groups // Programs, Masterminds, Etc.

Have a group that would benefit from learning about SEO? I’d love to come in & support your people so they can take advantage of the targeted traffic that SEO provides, in a way that actually feels both approachable & sustainable.

Possible Workshop Topics Include:

  • Better SEO Made Simple; Understand the Basics, Avoid the Mistakes & Get Results.
  • Copywriting/Design Meets SEO; How to Harness the Best of Both Worlds
  • Repurposing Content: Content for SEO & Social Media w/ Less Work
  • The Latest SEO Updates: What Matters to Google and/or Using AI
  • Custom topics & trainings available upon request.
Amy from Together in Digital headshot for SEO workshop feedback

“Mariah’s SEO workshop was an absolute game-changer for our Together Digital community! Her dynamic delivery and actionable insights left attendees, from seasoned marketers to newcomers, equipped with invaluable strategies to elevate their SEO prowess and enhance page rankings. Each participant departed with newfound knowledge, ready to implement and supercharge their digital presence. Highly recommend!”

– Amy Vaughan


"Made SEO feel exciting..."

“SEO is always something intimidating to learn about. Especially when it is constantly changing. Mariah spoke and answered questions live on video with my insiders membership like a pro. She made SEO feel exciting and got my members to feel intrigued by the changes coming with AI. I would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation.”


"Can't wait to have her back!"

“Mariah led an SEO Bootcamp in our Magnetic Makers membership, and blew us all away! Learning from Mariah is like a heart-to-heart with your no-bullshit bestie: actionable tips, language business owners of any level can understand, and a desire to actually impact her students. Mariah is a generous, knowledgeable, and SPICY educator- who kept us engaged from beginning to end. We can’t wait to have her back!”