Feeling Overwhelmed by your website?

Not sure WTF to do or what to focus on to turn it into a traffic generating, conversion killing, SEO Powerhouse?!

You know something’s off.

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Maybe it’s SEO?
Maybe it’s your blog?
Maybe something isn’t set up right?

Whatever it is, you need to know like…yesterday.


Wondering WTF the problem is…

You’re tired of having website shame…

You’re tired of seeing everyone else brag about their website, when yours isn’t bringing in the results…

And that’s where the
WTF Website Audit comes in.

(Why is it not JUST an SEO Audit? Because there’s over 200 factors that go into your SEO ranking…and your website and how your visitors use your website is a HUGE part in that. You can’t fix one and ignoring the other. You won’t get results. They’re two pieces of the same puzzle.)


What’s Included? + How it Helps you…

I gotta get to know ya, before I can help ya! Extensive deep dive questionnaire to get all of your website woes and frustrations out - so we can fix them.

I dive right the hell in, looking at a TON of elements. Some may be obvious, others not so much. Things like your design, user experience, copy/formatting, menu structures, search engine optimization (SEO), and just about everything in between. (If you have Google Analytics set up, I look at that too!)

I compile all of my findings into an easy-to-understand summary report that not only outlines everything I found & things you have to change, all in one place so you can access it whenever and for however long you need it!

Most of the time I find things that you, the website owner, can implement yourself - easily. Your report will include examples, ideas, links to resources and tutorials to make the whole thing easy as pie.

What should you focus on first? What's going to make the biggest impact with your website visitors and your SEO? I give you the low down on it all.

You don't think I send you your report and push you out the door do you? Nah, we're in this together. After I send over your report, I'll give you a few days to review it and make notes. Then we hop on a call where I answer questions and dive deeper into suggestions if needed.

Are You Ready to Find Out WTF the Problem is?

“Your audit was just what I needed. You provided "To-Do" items that I can actually get done (with the help from tutorials!! - love them). You gave me ideas and suggestions on how to solve issues that were a little overwhelming! Yeah, I don't have to go down a rabbit hole in research or reinvent the wheel!! THANK YOU!"

- Rayann


Love at first travel

“I am so happy that I decided to get the WTF Website Audit done before spending more time and money on fixing what I thought were my website's biggest problems!! Mariah provided feedback and different ways to improve - from small changes I could implement right away to more major restructuring ideas I can think about for the long term. I am so grateful for the information! "

- Kara


Who’s this perfect for?

  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Web developers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Coaches
  • Strategists
  • Consultants
  • Social Media Managers
  • Infopreneurs
  • Course Creators

How Does Your Process Work?

I'm Glad You Asked!


#1. We Become Friends!

You and me, we’re gonna do great things together. You fill out the quick contact form, choosing which audit you would like. I’ll shoot you over an invoice + extensive questionnaire.


#2. Work Mode

I’ll go into creative analyst mode, digging deep into what you got goin’ on, jumping into research, and looking at the geeky data to determine where your website is falling short. I’ll compile my webtastic findings into an actual understandable (not techy-filled WTF does that say?) report.


#3. The Solutions

We’ll schedule a 30-min call to go over the findings so I can clarify or answer any questions you have. The report typically outlines steps ranging from strategy overhauls to quick tweaks you can fix that day!

Don’t Want to Implement The Findings?
Don’t fret, friend. I offer website update packages too! Most of the things I find you can absolutely implement yourself. BUT if you don't want to or don't have time, we can chat about what you'll need from me to get goin' 🙂

I’m here to make this whole thing as painless as possible AND get you rip, roarin’, and ready to roll in the RIGHT direction, instead of the "WTF" direction.

What’s the Investment?+ What do you walk away with?

- PDF Summary Report
- Links to helpful resources & tutorials
- Actionable tips & suggestions that make a HUGE difference
- Confidence in knowing what to do & how to do it
- Insight on what's holding your site back from getting results


Are You Ready to Find Out WTF the Problem is?


“Mariah's website audit is a MUST for any online business owner. Seriously, I was so impressed. I didn't really know what to expect from the audit but she came back and had SO many great ideas on how I could improve my website and make it more strategic. During our call, she walked through every piece of my website and helped me understand any topics that were unclear or that I didn't have much knowledge on. Would highly recommend working with her!"

- Brittney


“This website audit was so helpful for me!!! I now totally understand how my website visitors interact with my site, what works and what doesn't, and what makes them take action. Not just that, Mariah told me exactly what to improve and how, and even wrote a tagline and meta descriptions for me, that were SO perfect and SEO-optimized! I feel much more confident in my site now, and not just that, it is already bringing more organic search to my site. Thank you Mariah for all your great work!"

- Sara


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Frequently Asked Questions

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