Shopify SEO Services to help you boost your rankings on google

Interested in Exploring Shopify SEO Services? I Offer Both Done for You SEO eCommerce Optimization Packages & SEO Consulting for Shopify Websites!

ready to Increase Sales & Traffic to Your Shopify Store?

Want your website & products to show up in Google search results?

Let’s start Increasing organic traffic with ecommerce SEO.

Shopify is a strategic & robust platform to launch an online shop with…

But there’s a big gap between launching an eCommerce website and making sure not Google knows about it, but also actually RECOMMENDS it to users looking for the solution that you offer in search results.

That’s where my Shopify SEO services come in!

Hi, I’m Mariah; An SEO Strategist & Expert helping Shopify websites show up in Google search results.

My zone of genius is supporting you in making sure your Shopify website has a solid & sustainable SEO foundation, so your website continues to get results & show up on Google even after we’re done working together.

Investing in Shopify SEO services might make sense for you if you’re…

  • Excited about all of the free organic search traffic your Shopify store could be generating but don’t know where to start
  • Tired of messing around with SEO and keywords
  • Wondering why you’re not seeing your website, products, or pages showing up in search results
  • Launching or designing a new Shopify website and want it to start showing up on Google sooner than later
  • Seeing a drop in search traffic to your online store & want to fix the problem before the issues escalate
  • Overwhelmed with all of the SEO information on Google & just want a professional to come in & tell you what to prioritize
  • Redesigning a Shopify website and want to save any SEO “juice” that the domain has accumulated
  • Ready to find the gaps in the market where your competitors are leaving $$$$ on the table with SEO

Want to See if My Shopify SEO Services are a Good Fit?

Why do you need to set up your Shopify website’s SEO Foundation?

As a Shopify SEO Expert, the biggest problem I see when working with eCommerce clients isn’t that they’re not “doing anything right”, it’s the fact that Google judges a website on over 200+ factors, and a lot of those things are easy to overlook.

And when the “little things” add up, it creates BIG holes in your website’s SEO foundation.

Then you combine those big holes with a lack of SEO strategy & data, and you’ll find yourself stuck in the mud, frustrated & overwhelmed with your lack of Shopify SEO results, over and over again.

What Makes Me & My Shopify SEO Services Different?

Two words; my approach.

I’m not an agency. When you hire me, you get me. I’m BIG on communication and my SEO process is extremely collaborative.

YOU know your business. I know SEO.
TOGETHER is how we make the magic happen.

Throughout the entire process, I’ll be asking for your feedback so that your SEO strategy is ALIGNED with your brand & values. A lot of SEO agencies go in and change text and phrases and words on clients’ websites without asking if those phrases even correlate with the client’s brand. That’s not how I work. Before I touch a thing on your website, I have you approve and provide feedback so we’re not making your website sound generic, spammy, or unaligned, just for the sake of SEO.

There is always a happy medium; my goal is not only to find it but to combine that with the gaps in the market so your website shows up on Google for the RIGHT phrases & gets your products in front of the RIGHT people.

Shopify SEO Services:

Done-For-You SEO

This done-for-you package is a one-time service that includes a custom SEO strategy for your Shopify website & eCommerce business, an in-depth audit, SEO keyword research, on-page implementation, competitor research, and more!

starting at Investment:


  • Done For You Solution
  • One-Time Service
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Timeline: 8-10 Weeks

SEO Strategy Intensive

Perfect for the business or company that either has the resources or time to implement SEO themselves, but they’re looking for a custom SEO strategy & training to help them get started on the right foot. Intensive includes an SEO audit, keyword research, content ideas, and SEO implementation training.



  • 2-Hour Intensive Session
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Best Practices & Training
  • SEO Keyword List
  • 30-days Implementation Support

SEO Consulting

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a business with a team supporting you, Shopify SEO consulting can help you take your business to the next level. Let me help you prioritize your resources & get on page #1 of Google.


  • Custom SEO Support
  • 1:1 Feedback & Insight
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Long-Term Support Available
  • Single Sessions Available

Show me the results

Let’s take a look at results from previous Shopify SEO clients, shall we?

Sometimes SEO results can take a few months, but I’ve also gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together.

((***Specific results can never be guaranteed. Every client’s website has different goals, its own unique competition, and is starting from a different place. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, we can find the gaps, and begin to build momentum to get you on Google’s good side.))

These are some of the results my clients have experienced after we worked together on their Shopify eCommerce SEO…

Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine
Shopify SEO Results - Shopify SEO Services by Mariah Magazine

Want to See if My Shopify SEO Services are a Good Fit?

“If you’re hesitant about hiring and moving forward with Mariah Magazine for Shopify SEO, don’t be. Mariah was easy to work with from start to finish. She took the time to ensure I understood the SEO process and my goals, along with answering any questions I had (in a way I could understand. SEO can be overwhelming lol). Mariah’s approachability and authentic self made for an even better experience than I expected. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

– April


Shopify SEO Services FAQ:

“I’ve tried doing SEO myself, and I’m still not showing up in Google. Can you help?”

👉 Yes. I see this happen all the time with my eCommerce clients. You read some blog posts, follow a checklist, and then get disappointed when your products or collection pages aren’t showing up on page #1.

There could be MANY reasons for this. Google judges a website on over 200+ factors, but don’t let that scare you. Your website doesn’t have to be PERFECT in order to show up on page #1, but it DOES need a strategy that’s CUSTOM to you, your business, and your competition.

When we work together inside an SEO Strategy Intensive or SEO Foundational Setup package, I focus on finding the gaps in the market, offering YOU the opportunity to rank on Google quicker than your competitors.

“Isn’t SEO too competitive?”

👉 If you think SEO is “too competitive”, you’re not doing it right. I’ve worked with dozens & dozens of Shopify eCommerce clients with SEO and I’m yet to find a niche or industry that’s too competitive.

There are a TON of gaps in the market that need to be filled by smaller business owners & websites. Big corporations typically only go after the more vague & competitive keywords, leaving all the other ones behind. ((Which is great news for us!!))

“Can you guarantee results?”

👉 No. SEO & getting your website on Google using SUSTAINABLE methods is a process. A process that depends on your website, your niche, your competitors, and a lot of other factors! Be cautious of anyone who “guarantees” a particular search ranking. There are tons of SEO “experts” out there promising “the number 1 spot on Google”. That might be possible, and it might not.

What I DO promise, is that when we’re done working together you’ll not only be more educated on what ACTUALLY matters with SEO but you’ll be EMPOWERED to keep the momentum going, regardless of which package option you choose to explore.

“Is SEO for my Shopify store TRULY necessary?”

👉 eCommerce in general is WILDLY competitive. And as a result of that increasingly fierce competition (across almost all niches and industries), focusing on SEO for your Shopify website is pretty critical.

It allows you to not only become the perfect solution for people already searching for the things you offer, but it’s an amazing way to get data and information on your target audience, which can improve the results of all of your other marketing efforts.

I dive into this a little more in one of my Instagram posts.

“Isn’t SEO dead?”

👉 LOL, no. There are 3.5 billion searches happening on Google every day. ((EVERY. DAY.))

Think about yourself as a user — when you have a question, need a solution, or are looking for a specific product, where do you typically search for an answer?

A search engine.

SEO isn’t dead; if anything, it’s more relevant than ever, especially for eCommerce.
Today, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search.

“Do you do Google Ads (Ad Words)?”

👉 I do not. I focus on organic SEO strategies.

Why? Because when you stop paying for ads, you stop getting traffic & sales. And to be honest, most of my Shopify clients either don’t have the budget to run consistent ads or are still in the phase of perfecting their marketing funnel, so ads don’t make sense yet.

If you ARE interested in investing in Google Ads, I would try to pair them with an organic SEO strategy so that you’re building LONG-TERM momentum, while you get the short-term results that Google Ads can offer.

“Do you ONLY work with Shopify websites?”

👉 I primarily work with Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace.

Another question I get: “Is WordPress better for SEO than Shopify?”

No. WordPress vs. Shopify is a little irrelevant, especially since Shopify is specifically built for ecommerce. It’s more about what content is on your website and how your SEO foundation is set up vs. the platform that you’re using.

What about Wix & Weebly?

I don’t work on websites built on those platforms. They’re not as great with SEO-friendliness as the other ones I work with. If you’re open to getting a website redesign on one of the recommended platforms that I do work with, let’s chat about it!

“Our SEO Strategy Intensive with Mariah was simply fantastic! The timeframe doesn’t sound like a long time but Mariah came to the call with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish based on my pre-call intake information. I was feeling very lost in terms of what content to begin creating for our website and e-commerce store and now I have a very clear roadmap that will keep me busy for the next several weeks. If you are feeling stuck in terms of SEO for your website, I highly recommend investing in Mariah’s Shopify SEO services!

– Ashley & Eric


“The worst part about working with Mariah was that it came to an end. She’s fantastic and super knowledgeable. I started with zero understanding of SEO and Mariah explained everything to me in a very simple and straightforward way. She had the perfect balance of getting me knowledgeable and comfortable with all the changes, without overwhelming me with the minute details. In terms of results from our work together, we went from being on page #1 for only 9 keywords to being on page #1 for 170+ keywords. So ya, I’d highly recommend you work with Mariah for all your SEO needs.

– Brendan


Want to See if My Shopify SEO Services are a Good Fit?