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Interested in Working with a Squarespace SEO Expert? I Specialize in Both Done for You SEO Optimization Packages & SEO Consulting for Entrepreneurs & Creatives!

ready to get found by people already searching for the solutions you offer?

Want your Squarespace website to show up in Google search results?

Want more Organic traffic from search engines?

Squarespace is an awesome user-friendly platform to launch a website with…

But there’s a big gap between launching a website and making sure Google knows about it.

That’s where a Squarespace SEO Expert comes in!

Hi, I’m Mariah; An SEO Strategist & Expert helping Squarespace website owners like you, show up in Google search results.

My zone of genius is helping you set up a solid & sustainable SEO foundation so your Squarespace website continues to build momentum on Google even after we’re done working together.

Working with a Squarespace SEO Expert might be a perfect fit for you if you’re…

  • Excited about all of the free organic search traffic your website could be generating but don’t know where to start
  • Tired of tinkering with SEO and keywords
  • Wondering why you’re not seeing your website showing up in search results
  • Launching or designing a new website and want it to start showing up on Google
  • Seeing a drop in search traffic & want to fix the problem before it’s too late
  • Overwhelmed with all of the SEO “shoulds” floating around & just want someone to tell you what REALLY matters
  • Redesigning a website for yourself or a client and want to save your SEO ranking
  • Wanting to know where your competitors are leaving $$$ on the table

Want to Explore Working with a Squarespace SEO Expert?

Why do you need to set up your Squarespace website’s SEO Foundation?

As a Squarespace SEO Expert, the biggest problem I see when working with clients isn’t that they’re not “doing anything right”, it’s the fact that Google judges a website on over 200+ factors, and a lot of those things are easy to overlook.

And when the “little things” add up, it creates BIG holes in your website’s SEO foundation.

Then you combine those big holes with a lack of SEO strategy & data, and you’ll find yourself stuck in the mud, frustrated & overwhelmed with your lack of Squarespace SEO results, over and over again.

How Can I Help?

Done-For-You SEO

This done-for-you package is a one-time service that includes a custom SEO strategy for your website & business, an in-depth audit, SEO keyword research, implementation, competitor research, and more!

starting at Investment:


  • Done For You Solution
  • One-Time Service
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Timeline: 8-10 Weeks

SEO Strategy Intensive

Getting your website & content on Google is an amazing way to increase visibility & profits. If you want a custom SEO Strategy created by an expert, including an SEO audit, keyword research & content ideas, this option is for you!



  • 2-Hour Intensive Session
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Best Practices & Coaching
  • SEO Keyword List & Audit
  • 30-days Implementation Support

SEO Consulting

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a business with a team supporting you, consulting with a Squarespace SEO Expert can help you take your business to the next level. Let me help you prioritize your resources & get on page #1 of Google.


  • Custom SEO Support
  • 1:1 Feedback & Insight
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Long-Term Support Available
  • Single Sessions Available
Squarespace SEO Expert - Squarespace Circle Badge
If you’re interested in credentials, I’m a member of the Squarespace Circle program for developers and designers.
Note: I’m not affiliated with Squarespace.

Mariah brought credibility, simplicity, and results to my SEO needs. This was my first time hiring an SEO expert and she delivered. I received helpful guidance on how I can take ownership of my SEO footprint and Mariah was extremely responsive along the way. She also collaborated well with my web design team. We just launched a little over a month ago & I’ve already had clients reaching out saying they discovered my work on Google/SEO. Highly recommend Mariah’s services!”

– Riaz


What about the results?

Looking for examples of past Squarespace clients’ SEO results?

Sometimes SEO results can take a few months, but I’ve also gotten a lot of my client’s results within just a few weeks of working together.

((***Specific results can never be guaranteed. Every website has different goals, is starting from a different point, and has to take different factors into effect. But I can promise that wherever you’re starting, whatever your goal is, we can start to fill the gaps, begin to build momentum, and get you on Google’s good side.))

These are some of the results my clients have experienced after we strategically set up their Squarespace Website’s SEO Foundation…the right way!

Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords
Squarespace SEO Expert Results Organic Keywords from client

Want to Explore Working with a Squarespace SEO Expert?

Squarespace SEO FAQ:

“Mariah, I’ve put SEO keywords all over my website, and I’m still not showing up in Google. Can you help?”

👉 Yes. I see this happen all the time with my clients. Before we work together, they choose words and phrases that they think “sound good” for SEO, put them all over their website, and then get disappointed when they’re not showing up on page #1.

When we work together inside an SEO Strategy Intensive or SEO Foundational Setup package, we’ll create a STRATEGIC list of SEO keywords that not only make sense for your business but also have gaps in the market, offering YOU the opportunity to rank on Google quicker than your competitors.

“Isn’t SEO too competitive?”

👉 If you think SEO is “too competitive”, you’re not doing it right. I’ve worked with dozens & dozens of Squarespace clients with SEO and I’m yet to find a niche or industry that’s too competitive.

There are a TON of gaps in the market that need to be filled by smaller business owners & websites. Big corporations typically only go after the more vague & competitive keywords, leaving all the other ones behind. ((Which is great news for us!!))

“Can you guarantee results?”

👉 No. SEO & getting your website on Google using SUSTAINABLE methods is a process. A process that depends on your website, your niche, your competitors, and a lot of other factors! Be cautious of anyone who “guarantees” a particular search ranking. There are tons of SEO “experts” out there promising “the number 1 spot on Google”. That might be possible, and it might not.

What I DO promise, is that when we’re done working together you’ll not only be more educated on what ACTUALLY matters with SEO but you’ll be EMPOWERED to keep the momentum going, regardless of which package option you choose to explore.

“Are SEO marketing efforts long-lasting?”

👉 IF you do it correctly, yes. That’s why I love SEO & use it for my own business.

I wrote a blog post 5+ years ago that’s STILL on the first page of Google for 10+ keywords because I found the gap, and filled it.

“Isn’t SEO dead?”

👉 LOL, no. There are 3.5 billion searches happening on Google every day. ((EVERY. DAY.))

Think about yourself as a user — when you have a question or need a solution, where do you typically search for an answer?

A search engine.

SEO isn’t dead; if anything, it’s more relevant than ever.
Today, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search.

“My website is new, do I need SEO?”

👉 Absolutely.

My perspective might be a little biased, but getting up your SEO foundational setup from the get-go will:

  • Save you a ton of headaches down the road
  • Start your SEO on the right foot so your newly launched website gets on Google’s good side from the start
  • Give you insight into your competitors AND what your audience is TRULY searching for
  • Allow you to create a content strategy that will help improve your SEO rankings vs. creating random posts and hoping for the best.

“Do you do Google Ads (Ad Words)?”

👉 I do not. I focus on organic SEO strategies.

Why? Because Google Ads only get clicked (on average) 25% of the time….and when you stop paying for ads, you stop getting traffic.

I prefer that organic, sustainable, & magnetic type of growth 😉

“Do you ONLY work with Squarespace websites?”

👉 I primarily work with Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify. Once in a while, I’ll work on a website built with Showit.

Another question I get: “Is WordPress better for SEO than Squarespace?”

No. WordPress vs. Squarespace is a little irrelevant, especially since Squarespace has been starting to take SEO more seriously. It’s more about what content is on your website and how your SEO foundation is set up vs. the platform that you’re using.

What about Wix & Weebly?

I don’t work on websites built on those platforms. They’re not as great with SEO-friendliness as the other ones I work with. If you’re open to getting a website redesign on one of the recommended platforms that I do work with, let’s chat about it!

“I worked with Mariah over a year ago on improving my small business SEO strategy. We went through my whole website and she gave us a ton of pointers on areas that we could be really strategic with plugging in certain words or phrases that would help us be more visible online. It took us some time to go through and improve old content and then moving forward our team took these tips and tricks and worked them into our standard marketing strategy. We’ve seen big success with this investment! We went from being on page #1 for only a handful of random keywords to being in the TOP 3 results on page #1 for OVER 20+ KEYWORDS!!! And we also gained SO much knowledge & empowerment with knowing that we could take this new powerful information and really take as much marketing power as possible back into our own hands. Which feels great as a small business owner, every single click counts.  10/10 highly recommend working with Mariah!”

– Samantha


“If you’re on the fence about booking Mariah for SEO, it’s a MUST. Don’t hesitate. Mariah puts the human touch back into SEO strategy. Her personalized help allowed me to supercharge my SEO we talked. I now rank on page 1 for 3 different keywords!! My domain authority went up, I TRIPLED (yes, for real) my keyword presence, and my traffic skyrocketed!
The post-call support was the best part. When a glitch occurred, Mariah immediately went into go-mode and found a fix plus a referral to fill in the cracks that were causing the problem. Her approach made a huge difference in how many people I can reach organically – thank you so much!!”

– Devon

Want to Explore Working with a Squarespace SEO Expert?