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Squarespace is the perfect DIY website builder for entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and other small business owners. 

When you choose Squarespace as your website platform, you’ll get access to all of their flexible website templates for free. Once you choose a template, you can customize it to fit your brand, add pages, change layouts, and so much more. Each Squarespace website template also comes with built-in SEO settings to help you get your website found on search engines.

Why I recommend squarespace 💻

👉 Easy to use, especially compared to other website builders.
👉 Beginner-friendly; the interface is pretty intuitive, even for newbies.
👉 Don’t have to manually worry about software updates.
👉 It’s an SEO-friendly & mobile responsive platform.
👉 TONS of premium Squarespace templates available (check below!)

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If you don’t like any of Squarespace’s free built-in templates, you can snag a premium third-party Squarespace template to use with your new subscription.

My Favorite Squarespace Template Shops 💻