Working with Mariah was such an absolute pleasure – the process of having my full website SEO done was totally effortless and I gained so much knowledge through Mariah’s wonderful ability to empower and educate whilst keeping the process hassle-free. I appreciate how Mariah kept me informed throughout the process and was so incredible with explaining the WHY behind each decision. Even though SEO is a long-term investment, and it can naturally take a while to see the true results, I am already seeing my investment pay off and I would 100% recommend working with Mariah for an SEO Optimization service – you won’t regret it!

– Rebecca


“Celebrating so hard today!! 🥰😍 Our coaching session was incredibly supportive. You not only helped me work through some shit that had seriously been holding me back for wayyyyy too long, you also gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to double my rates AND book a new client”

– Shay


“Mariah was great! From 3 minutes into our discovery call, I knew it was going to be a good fit. She listened to me, made suggestions, and kept me abreast of what she was doing the entire time. She knew I didn’t understand what to do but she was patient and explained things to me in a manner that made sense to me. She even fixed some things on my website that had nothing to do with SEO but she knew it wasn’t right. I literally reached out to her in tears and she said give me 3 hours and in 2 hours she was emailing me back saying go take a look at your website. She has a customer for LIFE now. She cares about her customers and you call tell that she enjoys her work and takes pride in what she does! Once she fixed broken links and worked on my SEO, I’ve had 3 clients reach out to me and when I asked how they found me they said Google!

Money well spent. Thank truly isn’t enough!”

– Monika


“Mariah is a rock star when it comes to Search Engine optimization services. I learned more about driving traffic to my website in 90 minutes with her than I could in any class or my own research. I highly recommend Mariah.”

– John


“I used to constantly create more work for myself to not feel lazy. Yesterday I “shut off” at 11am cause my planned work was done for the day. THREE new leads came through later that day. Coincidence? I dunno lol but you’ve helped me sooooooo much more than hearing about yet another hack/system to “get more done” in my business. I’m following the joy now.”

– Kerry

SEO Copywriter

“Mariah and I had an SEO session awhile ago but the work we did is STILL paying off! I rank #1 on Google for [targeted keyword] which is my niche and I’ve received SO many inquiries directly from Google for my services. People are finding me without me having to lift a finger, it is AMAZING! I highly recommend working and learning from Mariah, she is incredible and makes SEO so easy to understand!”

– Brittney

public relations specialist

“Our Instagram engagement has DOUBLED this week, just from the things we implemented during our last call. This launch is building SO much excitement and anticipation. We’re both feeling SOOO confident about moving forward, finally lol. Oh, AND we got 10+ sales today. They keep trickling in. Celebrating win after win after win!”

– Emilee & Brynne


“Before working with Mariah, I had no idea how to optimize my website. Yes, I heard of SEO but it was some foreign concept for me. I hardly got any traffic to my site. After our SEO Strategy Intensive, I feel SO much better. Now I have a great plan and so much more insights when it comes to SEO so I can really start getting more free website traffic from Google. Seriously, all I can say is wow, I LOVED the SEO Consulting Session. SEO is no longer a complete mystery. I have a plan I can follow and I feel so confident my website is going to be on fire!

– Marit

Wanderful academy

“OMG, you are a web wizard. I started to think it would just never be possible to organize the creative chaos and craziness in my brain until you did it with a one-page wirefame in my notebook, then brought it all to life. This feeling is invaluable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything already. Thank you so so so so much! Looking at it helps keep my brain organized and keeps my direction clear and focused. It’s the perfect foundation for my growing community. I seriously can’t thank you enough!!”

– Kristen


“My SEO strategy consulting intensive with Mariah was simply fantastic! 60-90 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but Mariah came to the call with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish based on my pre-call intake information. I was feeling very lost in terms of what content to begin creating for our website and e-commerce store and now I have a very clear roadmap that will keep me busy for the next several weeks. If you are feeling stuck in terms of SEO for your website, I highly recommend investing in Mariah’s services!”

– Ashley

Designed with meaning

“I am so glad that I decided to book an SEO Strategy Consulting Intensive with Mariah. She walked me through step-by-step what was working on my site, and what should be tweaked to get me the best results. It was amazing to have an SEO expert weigh in on what the most powerful next steps would be for my website, and my business, to continue to see growth. During our follow-up call, she reinforced the healthy SEO habits I should carry with me as I continue to update the content on my site and add new materials. Throughout everything, Mariah was so easy to talk to and super accessible.”

UPDATE: “After following the game plan we created and optimizing that ONE page, I increased the clicks from Google to my website by over 150% the NEXT MONTH”

– Jocelyn

Speech-language pathologist

“Before working with Mariah, it truly felt like finding the right coach was impossible. Within our very first meeting, Mariah understood my exact goals and visions for my business. Not only does she help you grow your business, but she helps you overcome limiting beliefs and transforms your entire mindset. Having the right mindset is an absolute game-changer. Mariah is a coach that gets it and isn’t afraid to help you face whatever it is that may be holding you back. I feel completely realigned and confident moving forward with my business. I know I’m following the right steps now because of Mariah’s support. My eyes were opened to opportunities that I didn’t know existed for me. Running a business is hard and you can’t do it all yourself. Investing in Mariah’s coaching will be one of the best things you can do if you want to grow a sustainable business.”

– Emilee


“Mariah was a great developer to work with from the get-go. She was super responsive to my (many) e-mails and always had the answers to my often complicated questions. I had lots of evolving needs throughout the process that Mariah was always able to handle quickly and efficiently. Having her development skills working alongside my designer, my website came out amazingly! I have not stopped getting compliments since we launched on not only how great it looks, but how easy it is to navigate- which was always my #1 concern. Thanks a ton, Mariah!”

– Becca

The Happy Ever Crafter

“Mariah did an incredible job auditing, streamlining, and moving my website to a new platform with a completely new layout. She kept in touch throughout the process and listened to my concerns. She answered all of my questions and worked with me incorporating what I wanted to what made the best sense not only design-wise but keeping the client experience and SEO in mind at all times. I LOVE how this project turned out and could not be any happier. I 100% recommend Mariah Magazine for your project. She is awesome to work with.”

– Tam

Gypsy’s Corner Photography

“Mariah’s style of coaching transforms both your mindset and your priorities when it comes to achieving your personal and business goals. It’s hard when you feel like no one understands your journey, but working 1:1 with Mariah helped me realize I wasn’t alone. She knows how to steer your business in the right direction and she’s ready to listen to any issue/concern that may arise. Her tips, tricks, and advice have done wonders for my business, and confidence. I’ve never felt more inspired & motivated in my business than I do now. Thank you so much, Mariah!”

– Brynne

Ecommerce shop owner