Using Human Design for Business: Resources & Where to Get Started

Have you ever felt like the traditional business advice just doesn’t quite click for you? You hustle, you follow the latest trends, you listen to everyone’s advice, but something feels off.

Maybe you’re not seeing the results you expected, or maybe you’re burning out trying to keep up.

What if there was a way to approach business that aligned with who you truly are?

This is where Human Design comes in.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that combines elements of the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology, and the kabbalistic Tree of Life. It provides a unique blueprint for each individual, detailing their energy type, decision-making style, and how they best interact with the world.

It sounds a little “fluffy” when you first hear about it, but TBH it’s been a GAME CHANGER for me personally.

>> Learn more about the basics & background of Human Design.

>> Tune into the Human Design 101 episode on the Curiously Guided Podcast (Or search “Curiously Guided” on your fav listening app. It’s episode 12!)

Why Human Design for Business?

The key to a successful and sustainable business isn’t following a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about understanding yourself and leveraging your strengths. Human Design offers a personalized roadmap for building a business that feels authentic and energizes you.

Unlocking Your Business Potential with Human Design:

  • Understanding Your Energy:
    Human Design categorizes individuals into different types, each with distinct characteristics. For instance, some types are natural initiators, while others thrive in collaboration. Knowing your type can help you identify your ideal work style, decision-making process, and even how you approach marketing and sales.
  • Alignment and Sustainability: Human Design can also reveal what drains your energy and what fuels you. By understanding your energetic needs, you can create a business strategy that allows you to operate at your peak and avoid burnout. Imagine building a business that feels effortless and fulfilling!


  • A Generator, known for their sustaining energy, might excel in a business that involves consistently *fun* work and collaboration.
  • A Projector, who gains clarity through interaction with others, might find success through coaching or consulting.

How Human Design has Impacted My Business

I’ve been using Human Design to help guide my own personal business for 3+ years as well as with my friends, and business/marketing clients for over a year now. And we’re ALL loving it. There are so many “ah-ha’s” packed into our personal Human Design charts.

(I’m legit obsessed lol)

And it’s funny because people usually only look at their Human Design charts from a personal perspective, and that’s helpful, but once you start to correlate it with your business, it can be a game changer.

I truly believe that the key to having a successful business isn’t to run & grow your business like everybody/anyone else, it’s to grow your business LIKE YOU.

And Human Design not only backs that up, but it gives you the roadmap to start figuring out what that means FOR YOU.

Human Design for business has helped me get clarity on:

  • Which marketing strategies might work extremely well for me
  • My marketing archetype & what my specific superpowers are (including what people come to me for!)
  • How I can schedule my day & make better decisions in business
  • How I can start noticing when things are aligned vs. unaligned
  • My brand identity & what tone/voice is the most impactful in my copywriting
  • How to tweak/adjust suggestions from courses & coaches to better fit ME
  • My biggest energetic roadblocks & shadows to be aware of
  • And honestly so much more!

But TBH, the most helpful aspect of all of it, was the confidence that I can TRUST myself.

I can trust my energy & what I’m drawn to.

I can allow myself to step deeper into WHO I AM, authentically, and my business will continue to flourish because of it.

Using Human Design for business gives me confidence & clarity in being myself.

🔥🎉 For example, I’m a 1/3 Sacral Generator so, naturally:

  • I’m reallllly good at researching & getting to the bottom of things.
  • I have to be aware that people LIKE seeing my process of trial & error, so bringing them along that journey in business is just as important & as being seen as the expert.
  • I need to prioritize doing things that light me up.
  • I make decisions best when people can ask me yes or no questions vs. open-ended ones.
  • I’m meant to have a more personal process of transformation.
  • I have a LOT of energy, when I’m doing things I give a shit about (so paying attention to my energy levels while/after doing tasks has been an eye-opener).

All of those things are things that I’ve maybe “noticed” about myself, but I could never put words to. Now that I have clarity around them, and have tested them in business & in my personal life, they allow me to step into MY zone of genius AND be confident in that.

Now, after learning & integrating Human Design for business:

I spend less time comparing myself to others.

I spend less time trying to follow other people’s suggestions & processes.

I spend less money trying to learn things that don’t feel fun.

I spend less energy trying to fit in a box that was never meant for me.

Taking the Next Step:

Human Design is a vast and fascinating system. There are a shit ton of nuances & layers. And it can be reallllly overwhelming.

I created this blog post to pique your curiosity & be a starting point on your journey.

In terms of next steps & diving deeper, here are some helpful resources:

Step #1: Grab your free Human Design Chart using one of the following websites (doesn’t matter which one!):

And then your rabbit hole begins lol I always suggest getting a reading from someone to help you get familiar with things, or you can explore books & such on your own. Totally up to you!

(I’ve personally done a combination of basically everything bc I’m obsessed with it lol)

Step #2: Start exploring the Human Design rabbit hole

If you want to get a Human Design reading, I suggest:

👉 Adriana Keefe (I’ve worked with personally)
👉 Neha Jha (I’ve worked with personally)
👉 Or do a Google Search & see if anyone feels good from there!

If you’re looking for a Human Design book, these are the ones I love:
(The following links are affiliate links, but only because I use & love these!)

👉 A Modern Guide to Human Design
👉 Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be
👉 Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology

If you’re looking to follow someone Human Design experts on Instagram, these are my favorite accounts:

👉 @puregenerators (for Generators & Manifesting Generators)
👉 @erinclairejones
👉 @my.humandesign
👉 @ayceebrown (Human Design & Astrology Info)
👉 @christieinge (I purchased her Human Design Map & would 10/10 recommend)
👉 @jamielpalmer

If you want to learn specifically about Human Design for Business:


Additional resources:

  • If you find that you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator type PLEASE FOLLOW Rachel from Pure Generators. She’s literally my favorite human for breaking this stuff down: (she also has info/education on HD for business)

And then I will say, learning about your Human Design can be a lot. And it’s not like “learning” information. It’s really about INTEGRATING what you’re exploring. So as you learn a little tidbit, test it. Tweak it. Explore it. Does it feel true? Or not?

Little by little, things will start to settle in.

Just don’t feel like you have to do every single thing, right now.

It’s MEANT to be a process of learning more about YOU as a human, and allowing those insights to trickle into your business.

Enjoy! 😉

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